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The Depths of Yoga

Yoga is a constant journey of changes, revelations, and crossing new edges. For those who have been practicing it for awhile, you may have a favorite style or routine. If you are new to it, I imagine it can be quite daunting to know where to start. Yoga has ignited to a whole new level in the past ten years. There are numerous styles to consider and seeing folks who have done it for awhile can be intimidating.

Things always change; however, remember the truth that "the more things change, the more they stay the same." I say that because the heart of yoga is to unite. Some may get into the "hot" yoga (Bikram) or be more comfortable doing the Iyengar style; but, the ultimate purpose is a union of mind, body and spirit. It can be an instantaneous spark that lights up on your first practice or it might be a dim fire that gets brighter with each practice. We all learn what we need to know to move forward at our own pace in life. The same is with yoga.

I have been practici…

Forgive the Ghost

Most of us have something that we have not released from our past. Call it the "ghost in the closet" that may have hidden itself so well that you forgot it was there. However, it will re-appear when provoked. One of the most powerful ways to grow spiritually and free yourself of negative thinking and energy is to truly forgive. It might have been in individual's action or a cataclysmic event, or it might even be something that you did. Whatever the event or whoever the source, it is truly freeing to surrender your heart to the power of forgiveness.

The only person who can determine how to forgive and release something from the past is yourself.

The true first step is to simply face it directly and acknowledge it only exists in the past. You keep it alive with your thoughts. There is much truth in the saying that the most challenging people in your life are your best teachers. Once you understand you are the one responsible for your mindset and truly forgive, your heart wil…

Diary of a Yogi

We all have places or things that touch our heart like nothing else can. For me, it is the ocean. I was blessed to be by the waters of Siesta Key, Florida last month. I wrote from the heart what you're about to read as I simply gazed at the beautiful ocean...

I sit at the edge of the ocean in awe of its gentle power. Layers of water emerge as a wave only to blend back into its Source. So many layers, waves upon waves, yet never separate. Just like the body...layer upon layer...a matrix that cannot function without each link...each wave of its physical being. When something 'malfunctions', the interconnected layers restructure themselves to accommodate the change. Just like the water can flow over rocks, cities...the planet without interference...only perseverance. The unseen winds blow and the birds ride that wave.

To watch a seagull float effortlessly above the water while barely flapping its wings is another amazing sample of Nature's art. As a yogi on the beach, I fee…

Unity Vs. Diversity

As human beings, we promote unity...or, at least, have tried to do so. "United, we stand, divided, we fall" is a quote of truth. Great changes have taken place over history when people united to ignite positive progression as a species. Paradoxically, conflict often arises as individual's differences emerge. Groups of collective similarities unite and utilize their "sameness" to strengthen their bond. It can be any type of group. Age, race, religion, political views or a same-like problem are just a few of the long list of groups that unite people. Thus, groups of diversity emerge.

What makes them different from others makes them feel stronger. Here is where the problem much focus is put on "their" history, challenges, strengths, and gifts that they lose sight of other groups gifts. Dwelling on the past keeps it in the present. How can anyone or anything move forward if the rope to the past is never untied?

Diversity is what helps us to learn…

Namaste' Fellow Champions

Namaste'~The Divine Light in me honors the Divine Light in You.

Share the positive energy of your spirit by honoring the other divine spirits you are connected to...brighten the flame. Set the intention to silently say namaste' to all you cross paths with for the next few days. No need to tell anyone what you're doing. Just send love and honor from your heart. It gives you more courage to be more. Unlike the Olympic torch, this is a flame that is not extinguished.

We never truly know what another is going through in their life. Appearances can be very deceiving. A smile can be a mask for a challenge one is facing. Sending them unconditional love, respect, and honor without expecting a mutually returned effort can make a difference. Ultimately, when you send love to another, you are sending yourself love. Never forget the truth..."what goes around, comes around."

So why not set the intention for it to be good? Allow what appears to be a negative contact …

"Explore, Dream, Discover"

Why Yoga...Why Not?

The practice of yoga has taken the West awhile to accept, understand and pursue. It is unlike any other physical activity. It has no age bracket that it is limited to; no necessary physical ability to do it a certain way or any requirements to get to the next level of skill to move forward. In other words, there is nothing to lose or win. Instead, what you gain from your practice is more gratifying than the temporary moment of winning a competition.

What is gained is unique for each individual for each of us have different needs, strengths and weaknesses. Yoga helps you find what you need. The famous yogi, Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009), said: “Practice and all is coming.” This quote may not mean much to you now; however, the longer you practice, the depth of the meaning emerges.

Yoga is called a practice because that is all you simply do…practice. Each practice is different because your body changes from day to day. Make yoga a routine practice in your life and you will ob…