Unity Vs. Diversity

As human beings, we promote unity...or, at least, have tried to do so. "United, we stand, divided, we fall" is a quote of truth. Great changes have taken place over history when people united to ignite positive progression as a species. Paradoxically, conflict often arises as individual's differences emerge. Groups of collective similarities unite and utilize their "sameness" to strengthen their bond. It can be any type of group. Age, race, religion, political views or a same-like problem are just a few of the long list of groups that unite people. Thus, groups of diversity emerge.

What makes them different from others makes them feel stronger. Here is where the problem comes...so much focus is put on "their" history, challenges, strengths, and gifts that they lose sight of other groups gifts. Dwelling on the past keeps it in the present. How can anyone or anything move forward if the rope to the past is never untied?

Diversity is what helps us to learn and grow. We need to learn to respect our diversities. Perhaps, we can collectively grow stronger as a human race by simply eliminating the "vs." in our mindset. Each of us is a manifestation of what we have experienced and instinctively are from the beginning of our first breath. Like snowflakes, no person is the same. Ironically, however, merged together we make a magnificent, intricate and interwoven layer of the same essence. Unity and diversity blend better together instead of having a line of difference drawn between them.

It is time to eliminate the vs. from the mindset. It is time to focus on similarities instead of differences. It is time to unite as a human race instead of dwelling on an individual race. We are on this planet together...united, we must live. Leave the division in the past....
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