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A New Perspective

Get ready for the unexpected....the unfathomable....the beauty of personal revelations.

 We are all given challenging climbs to move up the mountain of awakening. Somehow, the Cosmos knows our edges and presents the trail we can choose to overcome. It is a personal choice. Some sit at the bottom of hill waiting for someone to push and pull them as far as possible. Some tread the hill to a degree that reaches their point of resolution and let what happens happen.

Then, there are those individuals who face that stark uphill mountain, full of obstacles, areas of no visible light and resolve to climb it step by step...with the awareness that this mountain was exactly what they needed to live their life.

I am blessed to be a yoga guide for the pugnacious mountain climber. She has advanced cancer. Aggressive chemotherapy treatment to be followed by a double masectomy to be followed by a plethora of radiation treatments is one colossal mountain to climb. But, climb it, she does...with grat…

The Late Student

Imagine you're reading about yourself:

You made your plans to practice yoga today. You had a lot to get done, but you arranged the events so you could make it to class. You walk in, roll out the mat, get your props, and anxiously await the class to start. You've made it to your yoga mat. Life's assundry of minor or major challenges get the mental message to step aside for awhile. It's time for you to breathe without thinking.You're among a group of  25 or so fellow students who love this particular class. Everyone is positioned with respective space and it would require multiple people moving and re-aligning their mats if someone came in after the door closed. The collective energy of practitioners is getting in sync and you're ready to practice. The teacher is greeting new people and surveying the lay of the land. It's almost time.

Another two people make it in the room. Adjustments are made to create their space. Its okay because class is scheduled to sta…