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The Wizard of Energy

My personal Toto...Ginger.

Yoga is a personal, lifelong journey. The energy you emit pulls others to your frequency wave. You may have nothing in common on the outside; but, somewhere along the walk, vulnerabilities and sameness is exposed.

Like a model drops a robe to share his or her naked body to unknown eyes; revealing personal rawness. Permitting eyes to draw whatever they see...this is what we consciously and unconsciously seek courage and liberty to do. In the 70's, we called it being real. It can be intense. It's a strong energy. And, it makes cool things happen.

Yoga teaches you the wizardry of energy. What frequency you tune into shifts with a physical practice of personal integrity.

It is a conscious step of surrendering to yourself. Yoga slowly strips the body and mind of reservations. Breathing clears the static. Movements clean the lines. It is an art.

We think we need to pass physical edges to improve our practice. To advance. To be an image of perfection …