The Wizard of Energy

My personal Toto...Ginger.

Yoga is a personal, lifelong journey. The energy you emit pulls others to your frequency wave. You may have nothing in common on the outside; but, somewhere along the walk, vulnerabilities and sameness is exposed.

Like a model drops a robe to share his or her naked body to unknown eyes; revealing personal rawness. Permitting eyes to draw whatever they see...this is what we consciously and unconsciously seek courage and liberty to do. In the 70's, we called it being real. It can be intense. It's a strong energy. And, it makes cool things happen.

Yoga teaches you the wizardry of energy. What frequency you tune into shifts with a physical practice of personal integrity.

It is a conscious step of surrendering to yourself. Yoga slowly strips the body and mind of reservations. Breathing clears the static. Movements clean the lines. It is an art.

We think we need to pass physical edges to improve our practice. To advance. To be an image of perfection only to realize it is a mirage. So many tread the brick road to get to the next "advancement" of a pose. A plethora of videos and pictures push visual perception beyond physical realities. True strength is the constant quest of balancing the scale of effort and effortlessness.

Love the Wizard of Oz movie. So symbolic of our human struggles. Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Lion, the Straw Man and the ever loyal comrade, Dorothy's dog, Toto. Rich with pearls of wisdom disguised in characters walking down a golden road to seek answers from the proclaimed Wizard. Beauty all around them. Challenges, fears, encouraging travelers along the way, and constant seeking...making discoveries about each other as the elusive destination gets closer.

They walked emotional roads we have all crossed. The road of fear. The road of not feeling loved or able to love enough. The road of unveiled wisdom. The road of not feeling at home. Toto had no limits...the energetic dog of intuition.

Toto didn't stray...barked at the witches...drew back the curtains of assumptions. Toto kept them on track. Dorothy's companions had to strip their assumed weaknesses to have revelations that the wizard at the end of the yellow brick road was an was their weaknesses.

Practice yoga as if you intend to practice it til the day you walk up the golden road Om...

Don't do what hurts. Practice moving to your breath. Forget about getting the legs to split (unless you have shallow hips). Learn a little more about your personal anatomy. Change is a constant in life and should be integrated in your yoga practice. Sameness keeps you walking down the same road. Change opens your eyes to detours. You fine tune yourself.

Don't be a slave to your fears or to your past. Breathe like a baby. Practice feeling energy of innocence as you create a pose. A sense of trepidation laced with curiosity. You are a perpetual enigma. The ill-fitting robe of ingrained imperfections taken off. Nothing to hide lightens the load. Trust your Toto. That is authentic flexibility.

You are the wizard of your energy. Liberate yourself of assumptions by disrobing yourself and tune up your instrument. You need to feel at home within to live best.

My students presence motivates me to bare myself to them. My teachers illuminate my wizard. I keep practicing the alchemy of yoga and living love.

Pay attention to the cycles of Nature; notice how your energies coincide with the seasons; observe how your energy shifts with the time of day; study/read/watch to learn more. Everything has a circadian rhythm...that is why everything goes full circle.

Practice yoga to find see your Wizard of Energy. The dazzling doors embellished with colorful jewels, protected by guards your mind's eye has drawn will vanish the instant you see there wasn't a door to open. You see the great illusion you drew. (It will be your Toto that pulls the veil.)

Welcome to the Wizard of Energy class...conscious attendance required.

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