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Retreat Beyond Belief

"Adopt the pace of Nature; her secret is patience." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

First of all, if you practice yoga, I highly recommend you read Yoga Beyond Belief by Ganga White.

I read this book four years ago and the wisdom and perspective shared propelled me to meet and learn more from the yogi author. I actually felt the Cosmic pull to learn directly from this person who spoke to my heart via the written word. I have been to the White Lotus Foundation three times since I set this passionate intention. I can honestly say, this book...this foundation...this practice of yoga...has created a beautiful ripple effect I didn't see coming. But, that's how it works...

How do you sum up a week of bliss, love, great energy and the beauty of Nature in a single blog? Here is my humble attempt.

Stepping onto sacred ground once blessed by Indians for ceremonies has an energy that permeates into the very air you breathe. Untarnished land that is lovingly cared for b…

The Beauty of Giving

"To give is to receive" is a truth that can be found in almost every religion ranging from Christianity to Buddhism. The core intention is to practice giving without attachment for a return. Like unconditional love, there is a tremendous ripple effect in unconditional giving. It is not just about money. Opportunities present themselves if you live consciously. We are not independent of each other; we are interdependent. We all must practice to give and receive...both with gratitude and humility.

I was blessed to be reminded of this golden law of life a few days ago. On my way home, I decided to pick up dinner at one of my husband's favorite places. As I approached the door, a fit, friendly, older gentlemen entered before me. I saw him wave to the cooks and chit chat with the cashier as I decided what to get. He turned around and asked if I knew what I wanted and I said yes; but, was happy to wait for him. I was not in a hurry...just came from a very relaxing yoga class.