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The Real Shavasana

Have a great yoga practice, full of energy, twists, new edges and surrendering to those precious moments of Shavasana (corpse pose) is delicious. The breath returns to normal, the heart slows down and a lot of things beyond the physical start to let go. If you let yourself drift in between the delicate balance of physical to non-physical awareness, you get a glimpse of the horizon that exists within you and beyond.

All fears, doubts, anger, and any other slew of nagging emotions can recede out of mental awareness. Peace, love, serenity and stillness settle if you let Nature take its course. Slowly, you're guided out of your shavasana and brought back to the physical world and get on with your day. The good dose of dopamine and new synaptic connections of positive thoughts help ingrain your practice in you to the cellular level.

Do you fear the REAL Shavasana? lie down and physically surrender for good. No touching of fingertips, no deep inhale, no reactivation of the…

Flexibility, Candy and Yoga

"How long will it take before I can get more flexible?" is probably the most common question asked by most upcoming or new yogis. This is like asking the classic Tootsie Roll lollipop question of "how many licks will it take to get to the center?"

There is no true answer. It depends on the person experiencing it. With the Tootsie Roll, you can take your time and relish the flavor drop by drop until that chewy center reveals itself. Or, you can take a few quick rolls of the lollipop in the mouth until you crunch down to the core and enjoy it for a few brief moments. Which sounds more gratifying?

The same approach is with yoga. Forget about time. Forget about the agenda of poses to be able to do by a  self-imposed deadline. Forget about flexibility. It sounds strange and conflicting to the task motivated mind. What is more amazing is that the moment you stop worrying about what you think you should be doing, you will discover the bliss of enjoying what you ARE doing.…