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Angels, Friends and Yoga

My friend said hello to me. She rattled conventional technology to make sure I heard her. Really. A synergy of parallel universes overlapping for the briefest, yet timelessness, of moments.

You're thinking...seriously? And your point is...?

Did I mention my friend left Earth over a decade ago? This hello was auspicious. Perhaps an angelic tap on my shoulder for an authentic love awakening yoga class.

The story behind the story must be known. So, read as if you've just pulled the safety harness of a roller coaster over your shoulders. Feel the sudden jerk of departure, hear the clickety clack of the steel on steel and enjoy the read...

Had my hair cut on a Friday afternoon. Love my hairdresser/friend. Each visit, we share stories. We feel safe...find we have more in common than imagined. Childhood experiences of alcoholism, anger exerted physically, resentment...forgiveness. Observations of our multiple roles we assume in our respective professions very similiar. People c…

Recycle Life, Love and Organs

Organ donation. Extending another's life. Giving what you no longer need. Making a difference long after you drift in the next dimension of being. If you actively recycle paper, plastic, and metals to help save the Earth, it should be safe to assume you're registered as an organ donor, right? It's best not to assume; thus, I write for future might even be yours...perhaps, mine.

Let's get straight to the point. Why keep what you don't need anymore? We have garage sales and sell stuff for pennies on the dollar of what we originally paid. We donate to Goodwill for tax write offs (or, not). We donate blood to the Red Cross. We might even surprise someone behind us in the fast food drive-thru and pay for their bill. It's consciously rewarding to give a part of is a gracious endorsement of life's purpose.

There is immediate gratification in giving while alive. Why not keep on giving after you've left the physical plane? Think about…