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Caution: Yogi Under Construction

As a city grows, it is in a state of construction. That yellow sign tells you to drive with caution at a slower pace for your safety. Consider practicing yoga with the foot a little lighter on the gas pedal. Your body is under a constant state of construction.

Muscles. We like them strong, tight, shaped just so and flexible. And, we want it to happen pretty quickly. Young grasshopper yogis (no chronological age here), have patience. Technology is atrophying the mind's ability to stay still long enough to experience increments of time. Advanced technology is a time thief. Ganga White says it best: "Yoga doesn't take time, it gives time."

Motion is lotion for the body. Muscles, after warmed up, can extend one and a half the original length. The muscle's fibers get micro tears; however, the healing process closes the gap and the message to get thicker, longer, and stronger is processed at the cellular level. Go too far, too fast and muscles, or worse, ligaments o…

Yoga Addiction: 9 Step Process

Can you get addicted to yoga? I think so. A physical practice of moving and breathing. With cloaked stealth, the moves expand inner space. Feels good, right, real. Keep internal motion flowing and external ripple seen. Gets smooth, like satin sheets. One day you slip into a pose and it happens.You cross a mysterious line of no return from life before yoga. It's not in the way you move or way you breathe. You feel a magnetic force pulling you.

It's like love. It's like music. It's like sex. Your moves generate alluring...hard to resist trying...empowering...poses of constant change. You want more of the energy you stir within. It's a rush like no drug. Can't say there is a cure; much less a need for one. One more practice. Oh, yoga...hold on...I want to be what you can make me be. Your body and mind let you know they want it. "Come on...they need a lift" beckons the spiritual warrior. Hearing pleas to step on the mat? You're officially hooked.…