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Egos, Fallacies and Yoga

"A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner." ~English Proverb

Ok yogis, let's set aside yoga's splintering history, the ancient Sanskrit language, and the patented or patent pending styles of practice and talk respect and responsibility. The opportunity to unwittingly experience what I bet a lot of could or would have been yoga practitioners lit a fire in me I have to put out with words.

Went on vacation...found yoga studio nearby to check out as a student. I'm not an advocate of hot yoga; however, thought I'd give it one more try to determine if I was being closed minded. Besides, the class was a Flow and I was feeling pretty strong. I introduced myself to the teacher/owner and when he asked if I had practiced yoga before, I let him know I had been teaching for seven years. No further inquiry.

Room has a beautiful hard wood floor emanating heat. Cool frosted glass is the wall sunlight hits. Dominant age bracket in mid twenties and a few in mine. (Let…

The Magic of Becoming

As children, we often succumb to the circumstantial environment initially presented. We glean from experiences, emotions and either acquiesce to the assumption of fate or fight to rise above the suffocation of it all. Contrary to collective thinking, there is no age limit to rising above the surface. You determine if you're satisfied with the status quo of your existence or not. If not, the process of change is stirred and becomes a mysterious quest.

No one ever said you have to be the best of the best to do what makes you happy, feel alive or purposeful. That is your own ego holding you back from doing what you love. I will admit...I want to be considered one of the best yoga teachers someone has ever had; however, it is more important to me to be the best I have the potential to be. Big difference. The latter demands constant work, effort and sincere love of it. Connections, timing and perhaps less than authentic intentions create the first; however, a price is paid. The secon…