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Hope, Dreams, and Yoga

Hope, the penultimate energy...perhaps the most propelling. Without hope, how can one outrageously dream?

If one cannot courageously dream, how can one honestly progress moving the unfiltered, bare-naked present?

If one cannot be present, totally present without masks, how can one actually love?

If one cannot audaciously love, how can one hope to feel the ultimate energy of Love?

Hope. Dreams. Love. A circle of unmeasurable circumferance. A yogi's mind dances around this metta-physical circle of life.

Shawshank Redemption touches my heart now as strongly as it did twenty years ago. Is it the acting? The actors? The music/sound effects? The, 'I feel like I'm literally in this place I'm watching', mind zone? All of the above? Or, is it deeper?

Vastly deeper. Certain words, events, people...make you take pause and think. Ever read a book years later and it's message becomes clear? I love that moment. It is a sweet reminder of how far you've…

Beauty That Stopped Traffic

Image ever unfolding chain of events triggered by individual actions. The best source of history is not in the books. It is in the memory bank of each person you meet. We each play a role in this act we call life. Learn how to deepen your role by asking others for pearls of experience.

I've met and been blessed to know so many authentic, tender-hearted people. People of all backgrounds, age, race, income and beauty. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is true. The secret is to take off your media/ego/visual/assumptive lens and feel it in your bones. Nothing like it. I am blessed to share this story of the woman, so beautiful, she literally stopped traffic.

Ericka (false name) is 92 years old. She glows when she smiles. She is healthy. She walks everyday. She drives. She has better vision than most at age 40. She laughs easily. Ask her something and she has an answer. She's so busy living, she doesn't have time to dwell on the past. I met her where I…