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Retreat Beyond Belief

Want to learn more about the infinite layers of yoga? Read Yoga Beyond Belief by Ganga White. I've read it 5-6 times...glean an insight I overlooked each time. Anatomy, philosophy, dynamics of energies, yoga history...each sentence is worth reading.

Yoga practice, mindset, or overall life need a tune up with like minded kindred spirits? Attend Deepen Your Practice retreat at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, California. Words are insufficient to adequately elaborate the completely complex details of energy exchanged; but, I will humbly attempt to share my experience.

25 people from different places, different levels of yoga experience, different pursuits, different ages...united in sameness via the ultimate intangible energy of love and a shared desire to learn more about the practice of yoga. Some came with a fading hope of humanity's core of existence...some came grieving scary changes in life...some came anxious to explore the unfamiliar...some came back to…

Practice Fusion of Energies

Get ready to practice beyond the physical dimension. The practice of yoga deepens as you discover and play with energies. Some energies are self-contained and some are floating around the skin. The dynamics of a pose can change instantly with a single shift of awareness. There are a plethora of energies; but, it basically narrows down to the density or frequency of it. Einstein's E=MC2 explains this fact. The faster the vibrational frequency, the lesser the physical mass. Kinetic energy is based on motion. Astral energy is aura related...or, the swirl of ever changing chakras that circle around your being. Potential energy is stored energy waiting to be ignited by other forces. The following suggestions integrate the act of consciously raising your frequency.

1. Shift dispersement of weight:

Ok...let's talk plank. I think most view this pose as a necessary evil to get stronger. It builds arm, back, core, and leg strength. Stay in it for a few seconds and th…