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Timing, Rollercoasters, and Yoga

"Be careful what you wish for" is not is a fact. Insightful pushes to live fearlessly versus methodically allowing "common sense" to lead the way is a precarious balance. Priorities get discombobulated by a fierce need for change, growth...a non-specified, pressing desire. Life is a rollercoaster ride. Just when we think we have a grip on timing from prior experience, we can get thrown out the chair as an unforeseen jolted pause is followed by a triple twist swept into the tunnel of unknown.

Yoga opens doors you didn't see yourself walking toward until you suddenly see it staring you in the face. Waiting to be opened. Door of choices exposes an often overwhelming view. What is behind door #1...door #2? Can feel nirvana-ish...but, the more notches you've etched on Time's bedpost, the more complicated. A lot gets buried in the graveyard of the past.

Can you have it all? Yes and no. You can't have it all at once. Time's nemesis is …

Yoga and a Good Joint

Nothing like a well lubed joint. A good joint will hold you in delicious zones you forgot. Seriously. Love having a strong wrap on the outside, good juice on the inside and not taking it too far. You know what I mean. Excessive pulls can rapidly push you out of your happy place. Repercussions can be a long term pain in the joint...literally.

Thinking Green Goddess...Ganja? No man, this is about the joints in your body. Not saying you can't do yoga and the other simultaneously...but, you might be a bit more relaxed than wise. Just saying...not nay-saying. Got to focus on the joints of a lifetime...your own.

Yoga and joints. Tricky combination to balance. Do not confuse flexibility of muscles with over-extension of joints. Joints in the body connect the bones. Joints are held together by a joint capsule and ligaments. The connective tissue is stiff...yet, pliable. It is not designed to reach new edges...muscles are. Keeping muscles around the joints strong and long stabilizes the…