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Awaken by Wandering

Wondering and awakening is a complex shift of energies. Discard the 'when I have time' disclaimer for dreams. "In dreams, there is truth" (Latin quote: In sominis veritas) Live your truth. Time is elusive. Walk past fear. The road of fear is a dead end. Dream while awakened. Sip courage to step into uncharted territory. Remember that "those who wander are not lost."

Nourish what and who you love. Include yourself. Keep the energy of delicious music dancing in your ears. Smile with the uplifting songs. Cry with the sad ones. Don't be afraid to feel. Save lists for the grocery store. Spend more time in the moment you're actually living now. Forecasting is so passe'. Weather in Nature and Life can change his mind at the last minute.

Avoid the mainstream news like the plague it is. The owners are merchants of fear. They're selling and we're buying. Wisdom exposes the endless subjective layers of an event. Truth is not served on a platter…

My Parallel Universe

In my parallel universe, thinking is exchanged with doing.

People moved by words or actions share them forward. In my parallel universe, people welcome organic dosages of truth...stake no claim to superiority...are not compromised by greed. People of all walks are inspired to make a positive impact on another. It becomes the new routine. In my parallel universe, objectivity is understood to be subjective. We all have our personal slant on a is an extension of our very unique and personal stories. In my parallel universe, humanity is not in a rush to learns to slow down to heal. In the healing process, it is realized how much can change.

Some learn to forgive. Some even forget. Some are grateful to truly learn forgiveness and are finally free. Freed from their personal prisons of the past.

Some decide to give more than they take. Some have the revelation that giving is receiving. It is a universal law of life established long before the current legal system. In…