My Parallel Universe

In my parallel universe, thinking is exchanged with doing.

People moved by words or actions share them forward. In my parallel universe, people welcome organic dosages of truth...stake no claim to superiority...are not compromised by greed. People of all walks are inspired to make a positive impact on another. It becomes the new routine. In my parallel universe, objectivity is understood to be subjective. We all have our personal slant on a is an extension of our very unique and personal stories. In my parallel universe, humanity is not in a rush to learns to slow down to heal. In the healing process, it is realized how much can change.

Some learn to forgive. Some even forget. Some are grateful to truly learn forgiveness and are finally free. Freed from their personal prisons of the past.

Some decide to give more than they take. Some have the revelation that giving is receiving. It is a universal law of life established long before the current legal system. In my parallel universe, the universal laws of life are followed. The endless pages of today's books are tossed. The scales of justice get balanced.

Some discover how to love without expectations or conditions. Expectations are limited. Conditions are fixed. The unexpected is breath taking. Unconditional is flexible. Requires courage and a release of some of the air filling the ego inflated balloon in the mind. Some learn the secret of the exhale.

Some develop an addiction to goodness. Some focus on the beauty in front of them instead of the travesties beyond reach. Symptoms of madness are eliminated by the energy of collective Love. In my parallel universe, people feel safe to speak to a stranger. We were all once strangers to current friends, lovers, or even family. All it took was saying "hello".

"Good guys finish last" is understood. We want them to finish last because they were meant to last. They're strong for us. They're the inhale that provides the collective sigh of relief in humankind's exhale. And, believe it or not, there are more good people than bad. Look people in the eye. You'll feel it.

In my parallel universe, the aging process is faced with grace and courage. It slows down by being in the moment and though it does not cease, it flows like soft waves of the ocean as the time of sunset nears. It feels like sailing on translucent turquoise waters. Beauty transcends beyond the visual. The roots of wisdom dig deep and spread far and wide. I hope some of my tree's leaves of knowledge nourish where they land. In the meantime, I garden my tree with fertilizing words, thoughts and efforts to extend the branches higher.

In my parallel universe, I dance fearlessly to the music of living. I move to the beat of the moment as best I can. It's euphoric, erotic, liberating, daunting and impossible to resist. I slightly fear once I've found the secret of life, it will be time to depart so I can't share it. We all learn at our own pace. In my parallel universe, it is understood we all share and exchange student/teacher roles.

In my parallel universe, dreamers wake-up. Nay-sayers get tired of saying no. Doubt is replaced by hope. People are tired of fighting. Greed is replaced by giving. Worth is not measured numerically. Deception is no longer the norm. Being considered a superior country is so retro. Killing based on religion is Middle Ages. Even the concept of royalty assumes it place in the graveyard of the past. There's more to point out, but you know what I'm saying.

In my parallel universe, Love is the universal account. And, it is the system of checks and balancing that works best. Those determined to control others, get more money than they can spend, herd the public like sheep with fear tactics, create illnesses and fail to provide the cures; only another pill...those people/groups go to another planet and fight among themselves. Politics's reality shows no longer waste our energy or time. Corporate corruption is shattered. Get them all to the planet they seek. I wish them well. Let the rest of us be real. Either way, Mother Nature has the trump card that can be played when deemed best. She's the Dealer and we're the players. Like in Vegas, you can win some; but, the house has the ultimate advantage. So, I beg that some of the "big" players fold them while ahead...there's too much at stake.

In my parallel universe, the three energies that sustain and inspire me in this one are the, hope and Love. I know there are more who feel this way; but, maybe afraid to say it. So, I, a maverick minded individual, no one famous or powerful, write to say hello to those out there who feel this way too. friend...hello.
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