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Embrace Simplicity

A yoga practice can appear complicated when a novice watches experienced yogis do their moves. It is understandable why one would hesitate getting on the mat. Not to mention the plethora of styles that are emerging on what seems a daily basis. The photos of serious twists and balance can push the "not me" button in the mind of one on the fence of giving yoga a try.

Here's the is a practice. Start simple, stay simple. The more you practice, what appeared too complicated to even attempt will eventually join the ranks of what is simple in your practice. Practice to embrace the inner workings of the body as you immerse yourself in a move.

It takes life experience to truly embrace the philosophy of "keep it simple." The word simplicity implies there are no bells and whistles to enjoy. One assumes simplicity lacks complexity; however, this assumption is wrong. It is the perceiver's choice to feel and absorb the details of what appears to lack substance.…

Break Down and Break Open

You never know your strength until life decides to knock you down and see how you're going to get back up. Everyone has a story of challenges that pushed them to their edge forcing them to make choices that landed them where they are now. You walk by people every day and have no idea what they have achieved, overcome or are bravely facing now. You may be one of those folks whose life has thrown you a curve ball and you're doing what you can to keep it together.

We've all been there. It is commonly known as 'fighting life's battles'. It seems like we're always fighting something. Do we really win? Does it have to be a win or lose mentality? Have we made victory synomynous with happiness?

How about a twist of perspective? Forget the fighting concept. We weren't born to fight life...we were born to experience it, grow from it, and most importantly, live it. It seems that those that have faced the biggest challenges have blazed the trails for others to s…