Break Down and Break Open

You never know your strength until life decides to knock you down and see how you're going to get back up. Everyone has a story of challenges that pushed them to their edge forcing them to make choices that landed them where they are now. You walk by people every day and have no idea what they have achieved, overcome or are bravely facing now. You may be one of those folks whose life has thrown you a curve ball and you're doing what you can to keep it together.

We've all been there. It is commonly known as 'fighting life's battles'. It seems like we're always fighting something. Do we really win? Does it have to be a win or lose mentality? Have we made victory synomynous with happiness?

How about a twist of perspective? Forget the fighting concept. We weren't born to fight life...we were born to experience it, grow from it, and most importantly, live it. It seems that those that have faced the biggest challenges have blazed the trails for others to step on. Consider your challenges an opportunity to break new ground. Think like the Phoenix...eventually, out of the ashes of your prior life, you can rise up again...higher and with a better perspective.

It takes tremendous courage to break down, break open and re-build oneself. If you accept and welcome the assistance the Cosmos surreptitiously sends, you will review the past with humble gratitude. If you think you're problems are cataclysmic, rest assured, there is many a person you would not trade places with. We are each given what we can handle. When we need help, it comes. The secret is that it is not always who or what you think it should be. Trust your intuition...your heart will whisper that it is ok. This trust applies to the potential giver, as well.

We must help each other get out of this "fight or flight" mode. Our thoughts that put us on defense mode turn off the cell's constant work of maintaining homestasis. Negative thoughts ignites negative energy. Energy manifests into the physical. Keep feeding the same energy and the same results will expand. Declaring war on anything, including cancer, nourishes it. When you mentally face rough times with grace...the body responds in kind.

Let's quit delcaring "war" on whatever we're trying to eradicate or change. It's not working.

Einstein was correct when he said "we can't solve problems by using the same level of thinking we used that created them."
It is time to break down walls of illusions and break open an improved mindset. Instead of "war on cancer"; how about pursuit of health? Forget "war on terrorism"...what about the original "liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness for all"? The media has done a fine job of promoting and justifying "wars" of multiple fronts; however, the problems appear to remain stable and strong.

Everyday, you make a conscious choice about your impact on others. Read more, learn more, break down ingrained beliefs that aren't just. If actions are harmful, physically, mentally, or emotionally on is wrong. Justification via religious doctrines or current laws don't make a wrong right...only on paper.

What does this have to do with yoga? Nothing and everything. Without my years of practice, I doubt I would think from this perspective. The physical practice broke down some walls of illusion. Do you need to practice yoga to achieve this? No. Many a great mind has left their words of wisdom without ever hitting the mat.

But, since you have multiple forms of access to yoga...why not try it? It might be the catalyst you need to see more, feel more, be more of who you were destined to become.

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