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Courage, Acceptance and Yoga

Opinion: The practice of yoga is wavering on its intention. Yin and Yang...two opposing forces that remain balanced by keeping a piece of the other within itself. Despite the separate strengths, one does not dominate the other.

What appears imbalanced? The hundreds of trademarked styles. The audaciously declared "right" way to do a if each body was anatomically identical. The inflation of the egos vs. focus on the heart. The pride in sweating in 100+ degree rooms thinking that the more sweat...the better.

Call me old school...tell me I just don't get it...tell me things have changed and I'm not keeping up with the times...but, I assure you...I get it...I just have life experience to know the difference.

Practicing yoga with the Serenity Prayer mindset reminds you to find your balance. If you have weak muscles, have the courage to actively engage them in each pose. Notice if you're straining too much and back off a bit. Accept you don't have th…