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The Mind of a Champion

The Olympics is so much more than the pursuit of taking home a medal. It is not about which country brings home the most wins. The conscious passion of the athletes to share their best generates a magnetic energy that spreads beyond measurement. The intense focus on the present moment...each moment of each move could be the "make or break" in the delivery of skills. A few moments of pondering a less than ideal prior move can and does impair the next one. Conscious living is no different.

Yoga is an outstanding source to practice active consciousness. In a day of routines, you breathe, digest, walk and even think without effort. It is the easy way to live. Problem gets boring and habitual. Even worse, monotony drowns drive. It is estimated that our minds are used 10% at the conscious level and the rest resides in the unconscious. What you percolate in the conscious level sinks into the subconscious. Once there, the body's chemicals, hormones, and cells respond in …

Olympics, London and Yoga

The Olympics in London are here! The champions from around the world are preparing to deliver their best. The great city of London is proud to share it's beauty. Whether you are going there now or in the future, I will be giving you some good info on what to see or try.

Traveling can be stressful. There is a lot of different and new places to explore. The desire to see it all can minimize the experience of what you do get to see. If you are a yogi, travel like you practice yoga...with conscious intention of enjoying the moment. Just like you make it back to the mat, you can make it back to London! Simply looking at the countless places to check out makes you start planning the second trip before you have left for the first.

Speaking of making it to the mat, much gratitude to the owner of Love of Yoga, for providing some great information about this city of champions. Practicing yoga in different places is a great experience to integrate in your agenda while traveling. The Love of…

The Heart of a Champion

With the Olympics rapidly approaching, let's take a moment to delve into the making of a champion. First of all, coming into first place does not define a champion. A champion is one who demonstrates marked superiority in what they pursue. Dependent on what you desire to become a champion of requires relentless exterior work; however, what ultimately determines  becoming a champion starts and ends with the heart.

Physically, the heart is a fascinating organ in and of itself. If a heart averages 72 beats a minute, that translates to 103,060 beats a day. Live a lifetime of 80 years, and the heart would have relentlessly pumped life through you over 3 billion times. The brain does not control it. The heart beats to its own drum of electrical currency and even has its own nervous system that can and will work independently of the brain. The mind is truly a terrible thing to waste; however, not listening to your heart can lead you to even greater losses. It is not held back by any ego.…

Yogalympic Practice

The Olympic motto is Citius, Altius, Fortius which is Latin for Faster, Higher, Stronger. Pierre de Coubertin, who re-introduced the Olympics to the modern world in 1896, had a revelation for another motto: "The most important thing is not to win, but to take part." What a perfect thought to have regarding your practice of yoga. With each practice, you do achieve poses faster, reach higher and become stronger. But, the most integral part is that you are actually practicing! The achievements come from "taking part" in whatever you pursue....not being a by-stander waiting for the right time.

What a perfect and the Olympics. One of the Olympic Game's chief purpose was to promote unity and peace among mankind. Yoga translated means to yoke or unite. The unity of mind, body, and spirit with the practice of yoga cannot help but light the torch of peace within. Let us practice what Buddha said long before the Olympics: "Thousands of candles can be…