Olympics, London and Yoga

The Olympics in London are here! The champions from around the world are preparing to deliver their best. The great city of London is proud to share it's beauty. Whether you are going there now or in the future, I will be giving you some good info on what to see or try.

Traveling can be stressful. There is a lot of different and new places to explore. The desire to see it all can minimize the experience of what you do get to see. If you are a yogi, travel like you practice yoga...with conscious intention of enjoying the moment. Just like you make it back to the mat, you can make it back to London! Simply looking at the countless places to check out makes you start planning the second trip before you have left for the first.

Speaking of making it to the mat, much gratitude to the owner of Love of Yoga, for providing some great information about this city of champions. Practicing yoga in different places is a great experience to integrate in your agenda while traveling. The Love of Yoga studio is dedicated to making yoga fulfilling for beginners, as well as the seasoned yogi. Other studios to check out are TriYoga , Evolve , and The Life Centre. Just checking out their sites makes me want to go to London! With all the great food and excitement, there is nothing better than yoga to keep it in balance.

Some of the best things in life are free...and especially in London! Several of the major museums do not charge to admire the magnificent art.  The British Museum, Victoria and Albert, Natural History and National Gallery are a few of these places to enjoy for free. London has numerous activities to experience and this cool site provides a load of daily information. You will be amazed to find free music, free comedy, and much more. If you were worried you did not have enough money to have a fabulous trip, exhale that thought and inhale the energy of adventurous anticipation.

Naturally, it will be crowded with the many like minded supporters of the Games. Black cabs are known for being fair in fees. The Tubes (underground) are a good consideration to avoid the traffic on the street. To minimize cost and hassle, it is advised to get an Oyster card when you arrive. Just be sure to give yourself ample time to reach your destinations.

There are a ton of restaurants, of any ethnic preference, to check out. This London restaurant site lets you click on what price range, food preference, location in town and a plethora of choices will appear! And since you're immersing yourself in the London world, you might as well get a little educated on some of the British slang they speak. You would want to know the best way to let someone know all is hunky-dory:)

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