Asanas, Pranayama, and Pauses

Holding the pause links actions to results, thoughts into words, notes into symphonies and awareness into awe.

Yoga is artistic; a mosaic morphology of unexpected insight. Like music, the arrangement of notes is a tether of frequencies pulling the listener in to hear. The practice of asanas awakens deeper physical awareness. The novelty of creating, developing and accomplishing unforeseen strength is personal excitement only the artist can appreciate. The glow others see is a reflection from within. Nuances of poses are polished. And, the frequency of the practice rises.

Focus on breathing is sharpened. The timing, force and desired purpose of breathing is a self developed force. You can read about it. You can watch You Tube clips. You can study to understand the neurological and physical power of breathing. But, like music, until you practice your own instrument, you cannot master it. This is another level of commitment. Practice enough and you realize breathing is beyond inhaling …

The Wizard of Energy

My personal Toto...Ginger.

Yoga is a personal, lifelong journey. The energy you emit pulls others to your frequency wave. You may have nothing in common on the outside; but, somewhere along the walk, vulnerabilities and sameness is exposed.

Like a model drops a robe to share his or her naked body to unknown eyes; revealing personal rawness. Permitting eyes to draw whatever they see...this is what we consciously and unconsciously seek courage and liberty to do. In the 70's, we called it being real. It can be intense. It's a strong energy. And, it makes cool things happen.

Yoga teaches you the wizardry of energy. What frequency you tune into shifts with a physical practice of personal integrity.

It is a conscious step of surrendering to yourself. Yoga slowly strips the body and mind of reservations. Breathing clears the static. Movements clean the lines. It is an art.

We think we need to pass physical edges to improve our practice. To advance. To be an image of perfection …

Resolutions Re-Constructed

Wow. Another year in the history book. Time for the traditional annual resolution to change something. Being creatures of habit, we resolve to do better at something and the cycle continues. Time to de-construct our approach to time.

Resolution's results are the same year after year. You can tell by the attendance at the gym in January. We start with good intentions but relentless habits keep pulling us back. Routine/habit embed their feet as we remain oblivious to it until the consequences are seen or felt. Then, we resolve to change. It is an energetic tug of war.

I say, forget resolutions. Start re-construction. We tear down old houses to build new, improved ones. Individually and collectively, we are in desperate need of re-construction.

Will-power. Desire. Focus. Flexibility to change. These are the hands on your side of the mental rope. The opposition is one hand on the proverbial rope with its other hand holding a sign..."take the path of least resistance." Th…

This Yoga Teacher's Edge

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built." ~Rumi

Have practiced yoga ten years; been teaching seven. Despite advanced training, constant self-guided studying, and nearly 2000 hours of teaching post certification; I balance scales of the known and unknown with a college freshman mind. Maybe Gemini energy pushes me in multiple directions; maybe that new candle joining the growing club burning on my birthday cake illuminates a hunger of urgency; maybe my philosophy of no regrets fans a flame. And, maybe it is my spirit making it uncomfortable for me to not venture out of my comfort zone. Maybe Springsteen's song plays in my subconscious to keep me 'dancing in the dark.'

Legends that stepped beyond boundaries of outlined yoga declarations of the best way to practice are Ganga White and Tracey Rich. Founders of the eclectic, enlightening and liberating White Lotus Foundation. Their life gl…

Awaken by Wandering

Wondering and awakening is a complex shift of energies. Discard the 'when I have time' disclaimer for dreams. "In dreams, there is truth" (Latin quote: In sominis veritas) Live your truth. Time is elusive. Walk past fear. The road of fear is a dead end. Dream while awakened. Sip courage to step into uncharted territory. Remember that "those who wander are not lost."

Nourish what and who you love. Include yourself. Keep the energy of delicious music dancing in your ears. Smile with the uplifting songs. Cry with the sad ones. Don't be afraid to feel. Save lists for the grocery store. Spend more time in the moment you're actually living now. Forecasting is so passe'. Weather in Nature and Life can change his mind at the last minute.

Avoid the mainstream news like the plague it is. The owners are merchants of fear. They're selling and we're buying. Wisdom exposes the endless subjective layers of an event. Truth is not served on a platter…

My Parallel Universe

In my parallel universe, thinking is exchanged with doing.

People moved by words or actions share them forward. In my parallel universe, people welcome organic dosages of truth...stake no claim to superiority...are not compromised by greed. People of all walks are inspired to make a positive impact on another. It becomes the new routine. In my parallel universe, objectivity is understood to be subjective. We all have our personal slant on a is an extension of our very unique and personal stories. In my parallel universe, humanity is not in a rush to learns to slow down to heal. In the healing process, it is realized how much can change.

Some learn to forgive. Some even forget. Some are grateful to truly learn forgiveness and are finally free. Freed from their personal prisons of the past.

Some decide to give more than they take. Some have the revelation that giving is receiving. It is a universal law of life established long before the current legal system. In…

Caution: Yogi Under Construction

As a city grows, it is in a state of construction. That yellow sign tells you to drive with caution at a slower pace for your safety. Consider practicing yoga with the foot a little lighter on the gas pedal. Your body is under a constant state of construction.

Muscles. We like them strong, tight, shaped just so and flexible. And, we want it to happen pretty quickly. Young grasshopper yogis (no chronological age here), have patience. Technology is atrophying the mind's ability to stay still long enough to experience increments of time. Advanced technology is a time thief. Ganga White says it best: "Yoga doesn't take time, it gives time."

Motion is lotion for the body. Muscles, after warmed up, can extend one and a half the original length. The muscle's fibers get micro tears; however, the healing process closes the gap and the message to get thicker, longer, and stronger is processed at the cellular level. Go too far, too fast and muscles, or worse, ligaments o…