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What is Yoga..Really?

What is yoga…really?
Yoga is whatever you need it to be in the moment of your practice. If you need a raise in energy, an active practice can ignite that spark of energy within you. If your body needs to let go of tension, a more passive practice of movements can guide the body and mind to release it. Physically, yoga will help you learn the power of surrender and the strength of persistence.
Awareness is a key that unlocks the mind.  Consider breathing one of the keys to opening many doors starting with the physical.
Breathing creates space. Space gives room to move. Movement takes you to new places to explore. The physical space opened makes it so much easier for the non-physical and mental doors to appear.

Your practice opens your mind so that you strengthen the ability to truly feel your intuition. Your intuition of who you are, what your heart says, and awareness of the interconnectedness of all life expands. Perhaps this is the best form of enlightenment.
So, what is …