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Father Time, 2013, and Yoga

Father Time has gone full circle once again. Being a traditional time to make a list of resolutions, it is a good idea to reflect. Do you feel you're on the right path? Are you happy with your daily life? Do you have dreams to push you forward? Or, are you in a stalemate...not sure what to do or even think about doing? Time has a mysterious way of moving quickly or quite slowly. It depends on what is going on in the mind. What goes on in the mind depends on you.

Father Time fades away when you're in the zone of doing what you love. Take a great yoga class, for example. The energy is good, you're focused on each move and breath, things are just flowing...and before you realize're getting up from a delicious Shavasana. You stare at the clock and wonder where the 75 minutes went! All you know is that time seemed to cease to exist. And, it did. You took the road of Now.

We cannot change the past, but we can learn from it. We can try to predict the future, but it i…

Holidays, Truth and Yoga

Faith, Hope and Love

The unfathomable killing of children and adults in the Connecticut school has ignited a wave of grief, fear, anger, and seeking of blame. It is horrific. It is tragic. It makes one take pause and wonder...why? It is normal to want a specific source to blame in order to seek reason within the madness. But, the truth is, tragic events like this one have many layers to them. History is layer upon layer of thoughts, words, emotions, and actions. The combination can take many turns. It is not simple.

We can blame the gun laws; but, that is not the cause. We can blame lack of prayer in schools; but, that is not the cause. We can blame lack of security; but, that is not the cause. We can come up with a lot things to blame; but there is always a multitude of components. The cause is a fusion of thoughts, words and actions that took place long before it became a concept in the killer's mind. But, remember, there are more good people than bad. In fact, "good" and "evil"…