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Strong Stillness

As your practice of yoga integrates itself in your body and mind, a lot changes. It is a cool journey of metamorphis while in this body. You really start to understand how everything is truly connected from the inside out. You might notice how you can intentionally slow down your heart rate, feel the subtle lengthening of a muscle take place or even mentally release a cumbersome feeling.

The skies the limit on this journey. Each practice is unique if you stay focused on what you need. Explore different ways to experience the same pose you have done a ton of times. Recently, I have really enjoyed the experience of staying in a pose for 30-60 seconds before going to the next. Try a Sun Salutation with this technique to experience strength in stillness.

You will notice that as you reach up in the beginning, you really feel the rib cage lift, the foundation of the feet ground the Earth, the arms getting longer and more. When you surrender in the forward fold, you give the spine time to op…

Have Time...Will Live

Going to a funeral is a pretty stark reminder of the brevity of life. It does not matter if you make it to 100 years; in the scheme of things, it's quick. Take the time you have been given to truly live. Yes, we have bills to pay and responsibilities to others, but if you're not careful, you might lose sight of what life is really about. Time is an illusion. Things or circumstances can change almost quicker than you take a deep breath.

Hearing and truly feeling the love and happiness that this special person shared with countless people reinforced truths that we all know...but, forget sometimes. Here are 7 truths to practice. And, yes, just like yoga, consider life a practice. You came here without training and continue to learn along the journey. Just like a yogi hits the mat for the first time, so do all us in this practice of living.

1. Love is the Light that brightens another. Share it, receive it, and keep it going. You won't lose only gets brighter.

2. …