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Kick the Bucket List

Nine short years of yoga practice have beautifully altered my perceptions of life. It has brought unexpected people my way that have taught me more than any book or class could ever do.
Definitions of words have changed...expanded...definitions are no longer black or white. There a vast space between the extremes to drift in and absorb.

Being healthy, for example, is not as simple as what you consume and how much you exercise. It is not just having the determined good status of cholesterol, blood pressure, or hormone levels. It is not only the state of your physical body. Health must be maintained and balanced mentally and spiritually. All three components are unique to the individual. There is no single "fix" or "one size fits all". With that perspective, how would you attain good health for you?

We have been exposed to an endless lists of rules to follow to be happy, lists to be healthy, lists to achieve goals, lists of things to learn, ad nauseum. Clever, in …

KARMA (Kind Acts Really Move Around)

Kind Acts Really Move Around (KARMA)
To make a difference, you do not have to think on a grand scale of changing the world. It is the collective, frequent, unsung actions of the unknown that propel us to broader dimensions. It is not your job to determine the results of a kind act. To do so, attaches expectations. Expectations of a result defeat the true purpose of random acts of kindness. Let the Cosmos connect the dots. This story is about a man and his wife who made such a profound impact via unsolicited, unconditional kindness that countless others are benefiting decades later. Twenty five years ago, a heart broken girl of age twenty three, thought she could eradicate her pain by accepting a job transfer to a new state. She was a manager of a major restaurant chain that was expanding to new locations. The man she had been dating for several years made it clear that marriage would never happen. They could date; however, the heart and mind of this girl told her to release him and move…