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Is Reality Real or an Assumption?

Initially, the question the title asks may seem strange. Take a moment to detach from the random, unsolicited thoughts that constantly emerge in your mind. Ask yourself...what is my reality? It could be a long list of responsibilities and concerns to stay on top of; otherwise, left mishandled could lead to a perceived crash and unknown consequences. Or, your reality could be one that is less rigid and more of the present moment. The older you get, the less likely you are to be in the second bracket.

I say, a balanced blend of both with a dash of taking steps into the unknown. The unknown is the things that occasionally cross the mind in the format of, "I wonder...". Better known as your dreams or undeveloped passions. To never step out of the boundaries of your "reality" is like a bird living in a cage. Always looking out through the bars...seeing only as far as it can...which is not far when in a cage.

If your reality is primarily of negative influence, you can take…

What is Yoga...really?

Yoga is whatever you need it to be each moment of your practice. If you need a boost in your energy, an active flow of moves and breathing can ignite that spark within you. If your body needs to let go of tension, a more passive practice of stillness in poses can guide the body and mind to release. Physically, yoga will help you learn the power of persistence and the strength of surrender.

Awareness is the key that unlocks the body and mind. Once you are truly aware of where you are now, the yoga practice will link the parts together. This link of movement, breath and awareness will take you where you need to be.

The magic of a yoga lifestyle is that it opens up so much space far beyond the physical realm. It opens cracks that allow your Light to become more visible to you and others. To better understand the concept of "cracks", listen to the words of Leonard Cohen's heartfelt song, Anthem.
The initially unseen Light that becomes apparent will ignite revelations of change…

What if...

I just returned from a week long advanced yoga training course with Ganga White at the White Lotus Foundation. It was truly a powerful time of self-discovery, sharpening yoga skills and connections.

This thought provocative poem was written by Ganga White. When I first read it, I immediately thought of one my favorite songs by John Lennon, Imagine. Take time to read and feel the words. Ponder the "what if"; imagine the "what ifs" being the world's reality. Nothing has ever changed until one started to question and imagine another way of doing things. "It is easy if you try."

We simply have to slow down for a moment and understand that each of us makes an impact on the planet's energy. Imagine what would happen if even half of the world lived with the mindset this poem conveys. The ripple effect of the positive energy would ignite a change for all...

What if our religion was each other
If our practice was our life
If prayer, our words
What if the temple …

The Spark of the Pen

You have heard it before and maybe you have done it...write down your dreams or intentions. It is easy to think and wish for something to come true; however, a spark somewhere in the cosmos gets ignited when you write it down. The action of writing an intention on paper can awaken your subconscious and conscious mind to make it happen.

I speak from experience for I have been keeping a diary/book of intentions for around six years now. I am grateful to say that the intentions have manifested over the years. Don't get me wrong, it is not instant. Instead, it planted the seed in my mind and synchronicity put the elements in order for the dreams to happen.

As a yoga teacher, I have always set my intentions to learn and link with the best. When I read the book, Yoga Beyond Belief, by Ganga White, I instantly knew I HAD to get advanced training from him. I read it in July, 2009. I wrote in my book..."I will meet and get further training from Ganga White." Now, almost exactly two…

Styles of Yoga

Yoga has an endless list of poses to pursue and a new edge with each practice. It seems like since it has been truly noticed in the past few years, a new spin on how to do it is presented. There is no right on wrong; you simply practice what feels right for YOU. Personally, I do not connect to any particular "style" of yoga for it is a personal pursuit of discovery. To limit yourself to one way closes doors to different experiences.

Simply speaking for myself, I find that the "hot" yoga is not for me. To practice in elevated temperatures and simultaneously raise the internal body heat is not wise. You do sweat out toxins and get the benefit of better flexibility in heat; however, sometimes you can take your muscles past their edge and increase the micro tears that manifest in the muscle fibers. Practicing yoga in a normal temperature with proper breathing and movement will build the internal heat of body. I am more of a "Buddhist" mindset: "Everything…