Find Your Asana

Asana is understood to mean pose. The Sanskrit translation is "comfortable posture". No need to rush. Slow approach deepens impact of pose.

Balance is a dynamic process. Twists provide movement for organs and spine. Muscles and bones strengthen as a team.

No asana remains the same. The body is reconstructing every moment at the cellular and energetic level.

Practice patience, respecting, and loving yourself.

Your body is custom made; move accordingly.

Seek within; it is a spiritual stretch.

Your only limited by personal and universal beliefs.

Yoga flexifies the borderlines in the mind via the body.

Inhale to season the body.
Exhale to stir your personal elements.

Unlearn assumptions; reach, hold, and move to your own compass.

An open heart is a strong heart.

Crevices created can be filled with a gold only attained with the ultimate energy of Love.

Get in tune with the texture of energies.

Find your comfortable place. Breathe. Balance effort and effortlessness. You and your asana find new terrain together.

Inversions shift your body's surrender to gravity. Body's composition is an intricate bridgework of connections.

"The difference between medicine and poison is dosage."
Apply this principle to your practice of yoga and living.

You are on the cusp of the unseen.

Stay still long enough to observe what you see, feel, know, and sense now.

Find how your asana guides you to find your might be surprised how much you uncover...



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