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This Physical Journey

The more I think about it, the more fascinated I am with the truth of my spiritual self having a human (physical) experience. Each living being is on its own personal journey; yet, the journey of one is linked to all others. I, like you, choose how I respond to the challenges that present themselves in my life. Each challenge is an opportunity for growth of the spiritual self. The key is to realize nothing is permanent in the physical realm; therefore, there is nothing to fear. Release fears and choose to face whatever comes your way with a positive approach. Let your mind dream, never think anything is impossible, and know that you have the power to enjoy this ride in life. Don't wait for things to happen; take the steps, no matter how small, to make your dream a physical reality. I know this to be is happening right now.

Forgive the Ghost

Most of us have something in the past that we have not released. Call it the "ghost in the closet" that may have hidden itself so well that you thought you forgot about it. However, one of the most powerful ways to grow spiritually and free yourself of negative energy and thinking is to truly forgive. It might be an individual's action, it might have been a cataclysmic event, or it even might have been something you did. Whatever the event, or whoever the source, it is imperative that you surrender your heart to the power of forgiveness.

The only person who can figure out how to forgive and release something from the past is yourself. It happens when you surrender your emotions and realize the complete freeing of Self that emerges when you truly forgive. There is much truth to the saying that the most challenging people in your life are your best teachers. Once you feel the energy of forgiveness fill your heart, you will be grateful for the experience. Without the experi…

Slow down aging


Anatomy of the Heart

Your heart is composed of valves, chambers, arteries and much more to enable it to keep the life source of oxygen flowing through your body. It takes in the oxygenated blood from the lungs and takes what it needs to function and then shares what is left. It also receives what the body no longer needs and sends it on its way out so that you do not have toxins remain. In yoga, the deeper inhalations and exhalations you take enable your heart to give more to your body and mind. There are poses that open up your chest wider which actually expands the heart muscles a little wider; thus enabling it to absorb more oxygen to process. As you open your heart more, it can give more. Yoga helps you learn how to open your heart...physically and mentally. The physical benefits of a healthier heart will give you something tangible to see; however, the mental benefits of a healthier heart will transcend in many directions that you may not see, but feel. Take care of your heart and it will take care o…

Overcoming Yoga Fears and Frustration

Today, I had a new student of yoga approach me with the concern that she was not good enough to do yoga. The class she had attended in the past was full of people doing poses she could not do. She experienced an hour of frustration because she could not do what everyone else was doing. It is common for all of us to have that competitive drive rise when we are in a room doing the same thing among others. Her comments were a good reminder for me as a teacher to give alternative poses and to make each student aware that we all start from the beginning. There are various forms of yoga and each teacher has his/her own twist on it. It is important to be aware if you are in a moderate to advanced class or a class geared toward young yoga practitioners. (And, I am not talking about your doesn't matter in yoga!) There is a style of yoga for everyone and if you've had a not so good experience, don't give up. Word of mouth is always a good source for finding a good fit or si…

What is a Revelation?

I think it only appropriate to let you know why I have named my website yogarevelation.
The word revelation defined is something revealed, not previously known or realized. As a noun, it is defined as an experience that proves to be different from expectations. The practice of yoga has the power to manifest revelations within yourself and the benefits are outstanding. Yoga is a physical practice that has the ability to link your mind and body as one through your breath. As the link becomes stronger and completely united, revelations about yourself and your priceless gifts will emerge. Don't be impatient in your anticipation of revelations; instead, enjoy the practice of being present and when you least expect it, something beneficial you did not expect will emerge. Enjoy the revelations as they come and let them guide you on the path that is right for you. Namaste' (translated: The Divine Light in me honors the Divine Light in you.)

I Don't Have Time for Yoga...

With the busy schedule demands of work, family, friends, and whatever else you have going on, it is easy to say you don't have time to practice yoga. The truth is, when you make something a priority, the time becomes available. I totally agree with what Ganga White said in his book, Yoga Beyond Belief, "yoga does not take time, it gives time." As you become centered on your practice, you are taking care of yourself in many ways beyond the physical realm. You will quickly find that the class you attend or the practice you do at home is just what you needed. Always remember that if you don't take care of yourself, you will ultimately not be able to truly take care of anything else on your agenda. So, take off your watch, turn off the cell phone (you really can be without it), take a deep inhale and exhale and enjoy the dissipation of the concerns of the "to do list" as you simply enjoy your practice of yoga. When you're done, you'll realize that it di…