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The energy of the singing bowl

Tibetan Rites

Why Yoga?

With the advancement of technology, the need to have immediate results has heightened the overall level of stress in our world. The use of instant messaging, texting, and the many other tools of getting immediate gratification has steered many people off course. It is not a coincidence that heart failure is one of the leading causes of death. Stress, anxiety, and fear are negative energies that weaken you physically and mentally. Take a moment to acknowledge if you are predominantly thinking about what you have to do next or didn’t get done. If you admit that you tend to do that, it is time to try yoga. Yoga does not take time from you, rather it gives you time. This is your life…take responsibility for what you can change and remember that ultimately, you’re the one who makes the choices.

Yoga strengthens you at so many levels. Consistent practice trains your mind to stay in the present instead of the past or future. Your body becomes stronger when you surrender instead of holding ont…

Yoga Breathing

Breathing is the most vital function of the body. You can either breathe with conscious awareness or unconsciously. Most of the time, we breathe without thinking about it. It is important to recognize that breath is what gives us life. If you breathe shallow breaths, you do not give your body all the oxygen it needs to fully function at its peak. When you hyperventilate from stress, you release chemicals in your body that ignite the fight or flight mindset. With yoga, all moves are linked with your breath. As you become consciously aware of your breath and inhale fully, you calm your nervous system, quiet your mind, and feed your entire body with the life giving oxygen that it needs to truly work to its fullest potential.