Why Yoga?

With the advancement of technology, the need to have immediate results has heightened the overall level of stress in our world. The use of instant messaging, texting, and the many other tools of getting immediate gratification has steered many people off course. It is not a coincidence that heart failure is one of the leading causes of death. Stress, anxiety, and fear are negative energies that weaken you physically and mentally. Take a moment to acknowledge if you are predominantly thinking about what you have to do next or didn’t get done. If you admit that you tend to do that, it is time to try yoga. Yoga does not take time from you, rather it gives you time. This is your life…take responsibility for what you can change and remember that ultimately, you’re the one who makes the choices.

Yoga strengthens you at so many levels. Consistent practice trains your mind to stay in the present instead of the past or future. Your body becomes stronger when you surrender instead of holding onto tension (physically and mentally). The power of conscious breathing improves your physical and emotional health. Within a very short time of practice, you will notice a difference in flexibility and strength. The longer you practice, you will be amazed at what you have achieved. Most importantly, you discover your true nature and exciting internal changes emerge. You become your best teacher because only you learn to listen to your heart. Instead of becoming another statistic of stress, make the change by incorporating the practice of yoga in your life. Your heart and mind will thank you in many ways and you will remember you are here to enjoy the journey…not quickly, but at a pace in which you actually live your life to the fullest.
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