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7 Cervical Vertebrae, 7 Chakras and 7 Connects More

Anatomically, virtually all mammals, including us humans, have 7 cervical vertebrae. They are numbered C-1 through C-7 with C-1 being the first one at the base of skull. C-1 is called the Atlas vertebrae and C-2 is the axis. The Atlas is named after the mythological Titan who held the Earth on his shoulders. Atlas is able to shift balance on the axis. Clarified, C-1 enables you to shake your head 'yes' and C-2 turns the head to say no.

These vertebrae hold your head up high, which averages 10 pounds, and is essential in transmitting information to the body. These 7 vertebrae are some of the smallest and lightest bones in the entire skeleton; yet, perform some of the most critical functions. Might add some merit to feeling like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders when stressed. We are not alone. Dogs, lions, giraffes, and practically every other mammal has 7 cervical vertebrae. They've got their own world to survive and thrive in. Dog eat dog world means m…