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My Parallel Universe

An excerpt from my book in process...One Yogi's Journey “Follow your own vision and become the vision of someone else…believe…” SOJA

In my parallel universe, the gifts within me have proliferated beyond my current vision. Words of the heart language touch people of today and tomorrow. The sentences keep pouring on the pages just like the sun’s rays can’t hold back their source of the Light.

Individuals moved by words share them with others who need this authentic and organic dosage of medicine. The written words demand to be heard. Thus, I speak them with a passionate energy that feeds upon itself. The expanding flame spreads around the globe.

People are inspired to make small changes. Some are released of ingrained assumptions of tainted perceived realities of others. Some learn to forgive. Some even forget. Some are profusely grateful for the opportunity to learn forgiveness.

Some decide to give more than they take.

Some discover to love without expectations. Some discove…

Contrived Vs. Promiscuous Yogi

Read the word contrived and your brain probably thinks the words controlled, forced or lack of imagination. Even writing the word gives me a sense of feeling trapped. Not good. A sense of being contrived drains vitality of the initial purpose of anything. How can greatness be realized with a contrived mind? Mull over Shakespeare's words: “Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” Which source of greatness resides along you?

Read the word promiscuous and your brain thinks with no boundaries. Negative connotation alerts light up; yet, intrigue lurks in the back of the mind. Boundaries are not black and white...they drift in the ever expanding gray area. Can't help but be mesmerized by the concept...even with instinctive qualms. It all depends on your definition of promiscuous. And what is wrong with a promiscuous mind? Meaning...a mind that thinks way beyond the box...a mind willing to take …