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Sites with Insight

Type exercise websites in Google and the list of choices is endless. Some websites have a low monthly fee for unlimited guided practices. A lot are free.  Just like yoga styles, there's an ever-expanding base of connections to follow. Variety is a good thing. Choices expand your awareness.

It is easy to click on the mainstream lines. Not that their sites aren't great; but, sometimes its the grass-root kind of folks that keep things fresh. Sorry corporate don't fall in this class.

With that said, I feel moved to share two yoga/fitness websites that are outstanding.

The first site that is outstanding is Efit30 . Whether you run, do pilates, practice yoga or love fitness bootcamps, this website covers it all. The videos have a variety of lengths to exercise you don't have to feel guilty if you didn't do a "full length video". Simply pick the exercise you feel like trying. Got 7 know you do...there's videos to move your…

Make Your Practice Count

How many yoga moves does it take to get to the Center? The world may never know...but the yogi doesn't keep count.

When you break realities down to a smaller, more comprehensible level...what seems unfathomable is realized to be true. The average heart beat ranges between 60-80 times a minute. In a day, that translates to 86,400 beats on the low side. In a year, that means the heart beats well over 3 million times. Mind boggling.

Apply this calculation concept to your yoga practice. If you practice twice a week and average 50 moves a practice (3 sun salutations have 36 moves), you will do 5200 yoga moves a year. (I consider this a conservative estimate because every move with the breath counts.) Practice 5 years and you've got 26,000 moves under your belt! When you start calculating what you've done on the mat without keeping count, the subtle changes become more apparent. You start to discover muscles you did not know existed. You re-learn what it feels like to breathe. Y…