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Type exercise websites in Google and the list of choices is endless. Some websites have a low monthly fee for unlimited guided practices. A lot are free.  Just like yoga styles, there's an ever-expanding base of connections to follow. Variety is a good thing. Choices expand your awareness.

It is easy to click on the mainstream lines. Not that their sites aren't great; but, sometimes its the grass-root kind of folks that keep things fresh. Sorry corporate don't fall in this class.

With that said, I feel moved to share two yoga/fitness websites that are outstanding.

The first site that is outstanding is Efit30 . Whether you run, do pilates, practice yoga or love fitness bootcamps, this website covers it all. The videos have a variety of lengths to exercise you don't have to feel guilty if you didn't do a "full length video". Simply pick the exercise you feel like trying. Got 7 know you do...there's videos to move your body for 7 minutes. Feel like doing a bit more? Click the next of the sequence. Love the flexibility of choices.

Want to learn more details about yoga, pilates or other forms of exercise? Efit30 has a plethora of blogs to read. You will get pearls of knowledge about anatomy, how your body works, and how to take better care of this magnificent residence you live within. You will discover that health and fitness requires some brainwork. That is a good thing. The "use or lose it" philosophy applies to every part of you.

Want quick access to healthy eating information? Efit30 lays it out for you. From determining your BMI to setting an actual game plan for losing weight, this site is your source. It helps you hold yourself accountable and encourages you along the journey of changing old eating habits.

The founder of this site just keeps adding new ways to be healthy. Knowing that one size does not fit all keeps the variety fresh. The videos on YouTube by Efit30 offer you a lot to try. Don't just sit and watch...actually do it. Thinking about exercising is a lot different from actually doing it.

One secret to success in pursuits...keep moving forward. No change in thinking means no change in habits.

Second great site is YogaTrail. If yoga is your passion, this site has the edge. One of the keys to learning yoga is a great teacher. YogaTrail gives you the ability to enter your city and find teachers or studios that offer what you seek. It helps take some the guesswork out of the search.

Want to watch how to do a pose? YogaTrail has a fabulous blog that offers 2-5 minute demonstrations. Even if you have been practicing for awhile, you are destined to learn a slightly different approach. Keeping your practice flexible is key in discovering what works better for you(and your students if you teach).

As yogis, it becomes almost a need to share what makes your practice better. This site welcomes the sharing of experience in it's blog. Down to earth articles that just about any yogi can relate to. The sense of unity yoga stands for is seen and felt on this site. It is a new site that evolved from the magical energy of yoga. If authenticity is important to you...the yogi developers of the site reflect it.

Love to see pictures of people doing different poses? The photo portion of the site offers a lot to see and learn from. What makes it even more fun is if you want to submit a picture of yourself striking a pose. Again, it is the learning from and sharing with others that makes this a fun site to peruse through.

It is enlightening to learn from others who are passionate about what they share. It's contagious. It can inspire you. Learning outside of school structure is where its at. Instead of mandatory classes to dread, you now get to pick your class and your teacher.You zone in on what resonates with you and a whole new world opens up. Pretty sweet.

Check out these two sites and see if an unseen door opens for you. It only takes a few clicks...then, enjoy the view...

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