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Teaching, Me, and Yoga

Finding a yoga class that is in sync with what you seek can be a challenge. There are a plethora of yoga studios to try out and an even larger group of yoga teachers. One can do a personal practice at home; however, sweet blend of energy shared in a collectively united group practice. As a teacher of yoga for only four years, here are the top five elements of a fulfilling practice. I

Action #1: Teach and practice from the heart. If the energy is feeling low, the moves offered should be designed to lift it up...physically and mentally. Synchronicity of energies consistently coincide with a collective group and it is truly beautiful to share it. To teach what you think what a group wants takes out the secret ingredient of the heart. The heart doesn't have to feels. Thinking complicates. Feeling completes.

Action #2: Teach familiar poses with new twists to them. Familiarity breeds monotony. Maintaining a blend of staples in your practice along with new poses is key in st…

Prana, Chi and Yoga

The longer you practice yoga, the more you discover. If you let the imagination and heart lead your practice, the physical moves become the visible force. It is the unseen forces that really make a difference. We cannot see the frequency that makes the internet possible, but it is real. We cannot hear sounds that certain animals can because our ears are not geared for that frequency, but it is real. We are part of the Milky Way, which is 150,000 light years across....and though we cannot see it, we know it is real. We are all energy comprised in an intricate anatomical design that we can see; however, the energy that ignites the life within is what moves us.

In yoga, energy is referred to as prana. In Chinese, it is called qi, or chi. If you have watched Star Wars, "may the Force be with you" is destined to have more meaning after you read this article. Energy of life has been called many things; however, the gist of it has remained consistent. Your energy interconnects with…