Prana, Chi and Yoga

The longer you practice yoga, the more you discover. If you let the imagination and heart lead your practice, the physical moves become the visible force. It is the unseen forces that really make a difference. We cannot see the frequency that makes the internet possible, but it is real. We cannot hear sounds that certain animals can because our ears are not geared for that frequency, but it is real. We are part of the Milky Way, which is 150,000 light years across....and though we cannot see it, we know it is real. We are all energy comprised in an intricate anatomical design that we can see; however, the energy that ignites the life within is what moves us.

In yoga, energy is referred to as prana. In Chinese, it is called qi, or chi. If you have watched Star Wars, "may the Force be with you" is destined to have more meaning after you read this article. Energy of life has been called many things; however, the gist of it has remained consistent. Your energy interconnects with others. Have good vibes and the ripple effect keeps it flowing. Dwell on negative thoughts (energy) and physical ramifications follow as inwardly directed. We're guilty of both. That's ok because you really cannot learn one without the other. But, if you want more of the most of us do...then act like a farmer to nourish and harvest the good energy.

In the morning, express gratitude for waking up. Before you get out of bed, stretch, breathe, and replace the dread of the day with open arms of welcoming. It is easy to get in the habit of anticipating the imposed headaches of work, family, or whatever grates your nerves. But, here's the secret: once you understand and practice the magic of unexpected anticipation, the dread dissipates. Not easy, I understand. I am with you. But, facing fears directly actually makes them malleable enough for you to merge through them. It is positive energy that propels you forward. Negative thought (energy) holds you back. If anything, remember you have another day to walk the path of life.

Here's even better have an unlimited supply of Force. Breathing is a strong conscious force. Using your sense of hearing by listening to music that moves you is powerful. Reading an inspirational quote that speaks to your heart can push you. Practicing yoga that unites the bodily movements with breathing works for many. Doing something creative, as long as it is from the heart, centers you. Leave the concern of quality, skill level, other people's achievements and any other ego related emotion behind. IT DOES NOT MATTER.

You are strengthening your energy. Reinforce positive thoughts with positive actions. You're not here to change the world...only what you seek to change in yourself. Mother Nature has done just fine without us. Besides, who has the wisdom or audacity to assume they have the wisdom to change the world?  It is really a matter of individual and collective perspective. We are all at different places in this journey. What makes sense to one is not clear to another. You can share; however, until the student is ready....the message will not be understood.

Your life is your journey of growth of the Force energy. It is true that "like minded" attract "like minded". Make conscious choices of what your heart seeks to feel. We are each others teachers and students simultaneously. You cannot control much of what happens on the planet...if anything; however, you can learn to control your perspective. A simple shift in perspective can change a lot. Imagine simply living for today.

Practice yoga with a perspective of bewilderment, awe, curiosity and gratitude. It really is a miracle what the body does without you even thinking about it. Your heart beats and disperses oxygenated blood throughout your body 24/7 for a lifetime...without a thought. Your cells generate hormones, chemicals, enzymes and more to nourish you, regenerate you, and propel you forward in the life process. The cells truly work as a team without an isolated leader making the laws. Instead, they collectively follow their "hearts" of what is best for YOU. In fact, if it serves the collective group's well being, a cell will ignite its demise when necessary.

With that said, nourish what nourishes you. Before you can truly take care of others, you have to take care of yourself. Give everything you've got away and you won't have anything left. Release sense of obligations to nourish and regenerate your own energy. You can do it. It is all about balance of priorities, thoughts, and energy. Energy eventually leaves the physical realm; however, know that it is probably stronger when not contained. With that said, use your "container" to harness, expand and share the eternal source of Force that has existed beyond our scientific speculations or unlimited imaginations. When your start to really feel the chi that you can hold between your hands and give to will realize you've just opened pandora's box. Enjoy the's all good.
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