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The Diaphragm...A Yogi's Breath Control

"Breathing is the key that unlocks the whole catalog of advanced biological function and development. Is it any wonder that it is so central to every aspect of health? Breathing is the first place, not the last, one should look when fatigue, disease, or other evidence of disordered energy presents itself. Breathing is truly the body’s most basic communication system." – Sheldon Saul Hendler, MD, PhD

Yoga is more than balance, twisting and bending. In fact, it is breathing that gives life to yoga...most importantly...YOU. Don't practice yoga? You can still practice breathing.

Many work to build strong exterior muscles; but, is the internal core of you as strong as you think it is? Go deeper beneath the surface and take a full inhale. Notice the lift of your ribs and expansion in multiple directions? Know the muscle making it possible? The one and only...diaphragm.

The diaphragm is an internal skeletal muscle that divides your thoracic cavity (space for heart/lungs…