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Conscious Living

The two words, conscious living, may seem redundant. But, before that thought solidifies in your mind, see if you practice the following actions. Think about each question before you instantly let the answer cross the mind. Consciously think, then wait for the answer to come.

~Do you see things as they really are or is your perception distorted by an unwillingness to see the truth?

~Are you open to learn something about yourself you assumed you knew from a different perspective?

~Are you truly aware of what guides you in making your choices in life or do have barriers?

Conscious living requires one to be able to accept complete responsibility for all their actions. Very often, circumstances or other people are blamed for our negative experiences; however, how it is dealt with is a conscious choice. Life is not always easy.

It is an early instilled habit that makes the mind worry about the future or hold onto the past. It is easier to keep the "facts" as you have learned them than…

Thought Provocative Words for the Heart

I have always loved quotes that you have to read, re-read and ponder until it is understood deeply within the heart. Equally powerful are the ones that make you nod in understanding and remind you of what you knew, but temporarily forgot. Here are a few of my favorites that I read every day to get it embedded in my neural pathways and heart. It really does make a difference what you read, watch and say. You may not notice any difference right away; however, the impact will become apparent at some point. Make it a positive impact.

Watch your thoughts; they become your words.
Watch you words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character. ~Frank Outlaw

~As a bee seeks nectar from all kinds of flowers, seek teachings everywhere; like a deer that finds a quiet place to graze, seek seclusion to digest all that you have gathered. Like a madman beyond all limits, go wherever you please and live like a lion, completely free of all fea…

Diary of a Yogi

Excerpt from diary: 7/24/2009

It is so rewarding to cross paths with someone who comes to my yoga class and leaves inspired. Today, I met a woman who had an aneurysm at age 50 and survived. Her brush with death compelled her to make some changes in her life. She had never done yoga and came to my class.

It was very moving and gratifying when she told me how moved she was by the class. It touched her heart. She realized her medical scare was a push to move forward in life. Having had a similar experience, I totally understood what she felt. Her kind words further compels me to share my story and motivate others to overcome their fears, obstacles and discover they are stronger than they realize. We have this life to live now. I have to find a way to share it with the masses of people who live in fear. Once people learn the power they have to truly live and are their best source of strength, so much can change.

I want others to know that whatever happens in life serves a purpose. There is…

Diary of a Yogi

I will be sharing with you excerpts from my diaries that I have written in for the past thirty five years...started when I was 11. Perhaps something will resonate with you. Perhaps sharing personal thoughts, experiences and feelings will help someone. I hope to touch hearts in a positive manner and simply confirm what I believe in my heart: we have more in common than we have differences. Perhaps igniting awareness of that truth will help bring the "change" that so many seek.


A lifetime of revelations has always led me to the same truth: always follow your heart. We all have experiences that we have never forgotten. Some painful, some wonderful. For me, I have found that the most profound experiences ultimately brought both feelings to the table. And, not necessarily in any particular order...the depth of the revelation seemed to determine that factor.

So many components can determine how one chooses to face growing as a person. I do not think it matters…

Open the Heart

This is just a short clip on a few yoga moves to help expand the rib cage, help the spine and open the heart. Peace~