Conscious Living

The two words, conscious living, may seem redundant. But, before that thought solidifies in your mind, see if you practice the following actions. Think about each question before you instantly let the answer cross the mind. Consciously think, then wait for the answer to come.

~Do you see things as they really are or is your perception distorted by an unwillingness to see the truth?

~Are you open to learn something about yourself you assumed you knew from a different perspective?

~Are you truly aware of what guides you in making your choices in life or do have barriers?

Conscious living requires one to be able to accept complete responsibility for all their actions. Very often, circumstances or other people are blamed for our negative experiences; however, how it is dealt with is a conscious choice. Life is not always easy.

It is an early instilled habit that makes the mind worry about the future or hold onto the past. It is easier to keep the "facts" as you have learned them than to perhaps ponder another perspective.

The consequence of this type of mindset is that it is easier to just go with it. Before you realize it, you could be approaching the middle of your life and wonder where all the time went.

To live in "auto-pilot" mode does not require effort. It is simply a repetition of the routines instilled in the mind. A new thought may emerge from time to time. But, the excess baggage that has kept the mind in "auto-pilot" has to be discarded in order to get the plane off the ground. If not, nothing new can accepted. That action takes conscious effort.

Conscious living requires that you be honest with yourself...and others. Conscious living requires that you accept the good and the bad that life will always bring and actively face it. Conscious living gives you the courage and strength to make your dreams a reality.

Conscious living brings a fresh perspective on life. Some may say that life is but a dream; but, I say live your dreams while truly awake. If you want to move past the borders of your mind, take the shift and consciously pursue a new horizon. Toss the old, heavy luggage and see how much higher and further you can go! It may not be easy at first; however, once you get started, that will change.

There are many ways to get yourself "off the ground". You must find what resonates with you. The secret is to consciously search and when you find what you need, the heart let you know. Consider your heart your "wing-pilot". It will steer you in the right direction if you listen to it.
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