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The Practice of Balance

Balance. In the dictionary, it is classified as a noun. But, Ganga White more accurately declared it as a verb in his book Yoga Beyond Belief. Balance is not a person, place or thing. It is perpetual action. No matter how basic a balance pose, you are constantly readjusting for stability. Nothing remains still. To the observer, it may appear static; however, the balancer knows different.

Balance demands composure and strength. It is essential for the body and mind to unite. Going to the extreme can make you topple over. Being too passive keeps you stuck in the same place.  Balance practice reveals how to focus and fortify determination. You gain wisdom of tipping points and how to adjust to change. Very beneficial lesson of life when off the mat.

In a yoga balance pose, the right and left hemispheres must work as a team. If the left side is trying to ascertain the next move, you'll probably wobble. If the right side is imagining what it's like to fly, you're liable to lose…

A Time to Practice

For many, the desire to change something is felt throughout life. But, the fear of change wraps its arms around the mind's ego and rational side. What if's widen the gap between the desire and the courage to take the first step forward. Truth is, change why not recognize it as your partner in living. Unexpected changes are given the opportunity to present themselves to you. Living methodically and at the expectations of others weighs you down. Thinking, loving, and living with purpose that resonates from your heart transcends you to the beautiful unknown.

A passion not pursued is an inner purpose unfulfilled. A pursued passion demands change.

The practice of yoga has lifted the shackles off countless people. The energy changes that evolve from a mind, body, spirit based practice is like falling in love. When the student is ready, he or she can fall in love at first practice. The time to be fearless of vulnerability has come. For others, it is a process of getting …