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Nothing But The Truth, So Help Me Yoga

A long term yoga practice cultivates amazing results. Muscles get stronger, more flexible. You feel physically and mentally relaxed and invigorated. You learn your body's anatomy first hand by actually listening to cues it gives. If you move and breathe with the same focus you give your cell phone, you find internal "apps" you didn't know you had. The physical exterior awareness mysteriously migrates mental awareness of what is happening beneath the surface. Once you get past acknowledging the muscles changing, you acknowledge the bones giving the foundation for everything to have a place to hold onto. Between the skeleton and skin is a unique recipe of elements being stirred...not shaken, in your yoga practice.

Experts in various fields advocate yoga for specific results. Practice with one intention and you are destined to experience the un-thought of revelations. It is expounded upon to have a personal practice. You know, get on the mat, alone, and do your move…

Energetic Fitness and Breathing

I predict the new quest to be energy fitness. Many are tired of being tired. Can't figure out what to do. Energy drinks are at a hand's reach in every gas station. A good dose of B-12 is the morning cocktail. The vicious cycle of getting inspired to do something...anything, expires as energy is depleted. Stress and lack of self care chip away motivation. Low energy used to be a complaint of older folks. Not anymore. Perhaps constant neurological processing of information via technology always at your hands is sucking physical resources out. Imbalance of energies find a way to break out. Could be physical...could be mental...emotional.

Energy can intensify or stagnate. Emotions, thoughts, actions, body chemistry, and physical activity (or, lack of), diet and more affect the ever vacillating invisible horsepower. Fear and excitement are examples of energy moving rapidly upward. Gets you on your toes until body chemistry compensates to stabilize. Your body is incessantly workin…