Energetic Fitness and Breathing

I predict the new quest to be energy fitness. Many are tired of being tired. Can't figure out what to do. Energy drinks are at a hand's reach in every gas station. A good dose of B-12 is the morning cocktail. The vicious cycle of getting inspired to do something...anything, expires as energy is depleted. Stress and lack of self care chip away motivation. Low energy used to be a complaint of older folks. Not anymore. Perhaps constant neurological processing of information via technology always at your hands is sucking physical resources out. Imbalance of energies find a way to break out. Could be physical...could be mental...emotional.

Energy can intensify or stagnate. Emotions, thoughts, actions, body chemistry, and physical activity (or, lack of), diet and more affect the ever vacillating invisible horsepower. Fear and excitement are examples of energy moving rapidly upward. Gets you on your toes until body chemistry compensates to stabilize. Your body is incessantly working to maintain homeostasis. That in itself is a full time job.

Extreme sports may be amazing to watch; but, your body is not designed to live in extreme mode for the long haul. When you cry, whether it be from sadness or orgasm, the chemicals released in the tears are a by-product of the related emotion to get you balanced. Internal balance management at work.

Breath can move, massage and lift energy or it can ground you. The body adapts to new circumstances if a healthy state is not allowed. For example, your blood pressure synchronizes with the overflow of cortisol, adrenaline and decrease of dopamine and serotonin hormones in response to chronic stress. What was once in a normal range of 120/80 can become 150/90. The latter number will be the new normal despite the eventual repercussions. It is a silent killer because you don't feel the internal pressure building up until the heart finally cracks. Everything has a line in the sand.

Energetic fitness is fine tuning awareness of mind and body. If you are incessantly thinking about what has to be done next, what you didn't do just right, an issue involving a slew of heavy emotions, your body is doing a check and balance. What you think about becomes habitual and we all know habits can be tough to break. So, say you're someone who is feeling pressure to perform/produce from the moment you come to work and long after you leave. You think about it on the way there and think about it when you're off. Your mind is overcrowded with words trying to be the next one in the forefront of consciousness. You're too tired to exercise. Forget about relaxing...you have too much to deal with! You know you need to; but, can't find time. Elusive time.

Sleep patterns change. You wake up in the middle of the night...go back to sleep...wake up again...until the sun peeks in the window. Eating habits change. You might go for more sugar, not even thinking about it, to get some instant fuel. Lack of consuming essential nutrients/vitamins your body is composed of adds to the imbalanced equation. Your organs work harder in tandem with the endocrine system to get what they need...but, resources are limited. The list of potential physical issues is unlimited. So, we go to the doctor, get blood work and get the prescription to patch the detectable.

Problem solved, right? Wrong. Nothing with the body is simple. It is like the little boy who put his finger in the dam's leak to stop the dripping water. Another leak started, next finger. Next leak...only have two hands. Same principle with the body. You've got to take great care of the infrastructure to prevent leaks or major bursts.

Now, I know you're eyes are rapidly reading to find the answer. So, here it is...breathe.

There are more energy fitness exercises; but, we'll stop here for now. Practice balancing energies with conscious breathing. Notice what changes.

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