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Blogger Savasana

As you progress in your yoga practice, your awareness of movement transcends from the mat. The physical practice is critical in keeping the body maintained; however, the less visible layers of Self start to become more apparent. Goals, desires, perspectives and sense of purpose change roles. Initially when one starts yoga, the concept of breathing and doing a good Dog is a dominant thought. Like all things, as time passes and practice improves, what was a chief focus falls from the forefront of intentions. Awareness of different muscles and joints needing focus emerge. Awareness of being present in all forms becomes easier. Awareness of intentions beyond the mat become almost like apparent flickers of light in the mind and heart.

I love to write. I did not even think to start writing until three years after I started practicing yoga. I love to share what has worked for me with others. But, just as your practice do your efforts to fulfill an internal life purpose. In this …

Envisioned Yoga

Now this may sound a bit off the wall; however, when you are not physically able to practice yoga, you can practice in your mind. This revelation emerged as I was on the plane headed to one of my favorite places, Sedona, Arizona. I tried different arm and wrist moves and a twist to get the kinks out as I felt the body compress a bit. It helped, but was not exactly what I needed and then I found myself getting impatient with two more hours of flight to go.

I found myself desperately wanting...needing to do a Downward Dog! Well, if I even attempted it, I would have my rear end in someone's face and secondly, I am sure someone (of no yoga experience) would think I was up to something suspicious. Not a good way to expose the magic of yoga to the potential yogis!

Then, it came to me. Envision myself in Downward Dog. Kind of like...BE the Dog.

I closed my eyes, inhaled as I envisioned myself raising my arms and found myself doing a mental Sun Salutation. Once I was in my Dog, I envision…

Medicinal Yoga

It appears the major companies have caught on that the money is being spent on ways to be healthier, happier, and stronger. Flip through a magazine and you will see a slew of advertisements of products that have the solution for what you seek. The selection of vitamins appear to be expanding on the grocery shelves. It appears our food lacks what the pills provide. And, of course, the pharmacy industry is doing what it does best...influence the necessary minds to promote the latest and greatest medicine. It really has gone to the extreme.

Tired...don't worry...grab a bottle of 5 hour energy or a triple espresso or any slew of "energy" drinks on the market. Interesting that a report hasn't made the press that visits to the ER have gone from 1,000 to 13,000 in just four years due to these beverages. It can be a hassle when your energy is low and the concept of getting a little more sleep is inconvenient. So much easier to take that "magic" juice (or, pill) and…

Break the Practice Gap

A regular yoga practice (3-4 times per week) has a significant impact on how you feel, think, and build strength. It is not unusual for one to find something they really enjoy and delve themselves into it for awhile. As time wears on, the novelty wears off and so does the drive. Yoga is no different if you let it fall in the same routine. Practice long enough and a time will emerge when your body let's you feel the neglect of not doing the physical moves as much as desired.

Life seems to get in the way and the classic excuse of not having the time to practice emerges from the left hemisphere. (The rationalizing side) If you take a moment of observing what you feel after that justification, you will "hear" the right hemisphere (the creative side) beg to differ. Then, when you actually hit the mat and immerse yourself in a practice, the realization emerges that the gap of time between practices was a bit too long. You will feel the gratitude of the cells as they seem to fl…

Mental Yoga

You have heard it before that yoga is an integration of mind, body, spirit. It takes practice and time for the subtle, yet powerful benefits to embed themselves in the various places of the Self. The physical benefits are usually the first ones that you notice. Truth be told, it is fun to be stronger and in better shape. However, it is the deeper layers of the cellular structure that are not obvious until situations arise that really show what your yoga practice has accomplished.

Before I found yoga, I went through a period of having panic attacks. If you have not had one, it is crippling at all levels. The heart starts to feel a slight piercing of a knife in the middle of it. That pierce turns into a tight grip and it feels like the heart is using every ounce of strength to squeeze any blood it can to keep you alive. Your sense of control goes haywire and the energy of fear overtakes every cell. Rational thinking is covered with a dark blanket. You want to escape. The problem is...yo…