Medicinal Yoga

It appears the major companies have caught on that the money is being spent on ways to be healthier, happier, and stronger. Flip through a magazine and you will see a slew of advertisements of products that have the solution for what you seek. The selection of vitamins appear to be expanding on the grocery shelves. It appears our food lacks what the pills provide. And, of course, the pharmacy industry is doing what it does best...influence the necessary minds to promote the latest and greatest medicine. It really has gone to the extreme.

Tired...don't worry...grab a bottle of 5 hour energy or a triple espresso or any slew of "energy" drinks on the market. Interesting that a report hasn't made the press that visits to the ER have gone from 1,000 to 13,000 in just four years due to these beverages. It can be a hassle when your energy is low and the concept of getting a little more sleep is inconvenient. So much easier to take that "magic" juice (or, pill) and get what you want...for a little while...until the body moves it out.

Stressed...again, don't worry...LOTS of choices for this issue. The list of drugs prescribed is too long to list. Mind too busy? Again, long list of drugs to get that brain to slow down. Interesting that the power of conscious breathing has not been widely shared to the general public. Then again, that would adversely affect potential pharmaceutical sales. Breathe vs. taking a pill? Now, that sounds too simple.

Here is a concept to consider for your energy levels and stress...consider yoga a great visit to the "medical" office. The best part is...there's no waiting and you can leave the mat without stressing about the bill! There is a catch though.You have to actually do the breathing and the moving to get what you need. If you are stressed out, breathe and move slowly and consciously focus on letting go. It takes practice, but the benefits are truly cumulative down to the cellular level. If you need some more energy, consider being more physically active and build up some action in that brain by stimulating the release of hormones that start the chain reaction in the body to have energy. Certain breathing techniques also ignite energy.

Medicine does help a lot of issues. I know, I used to have to take it for epilepsy. However, the swift signing of a prescription for just about anything has gone too far. And, like it or not, each of us have to take responsibility for our health. Drugs are not the best answer for everything...they're just the easier solution. The other options require effort, time, and conscious awareness. Eating and drinking whatever is most convenient is great on the front end; however, the consequences of unhealthy habits have a consequence later on. The concept of "everything in moderation" has been replaced by the concept of immediate and maximum results.

It does come at a cost. You just won't know what you will be buying to "fix" it until the engine that keeps you running decides to stall. Yoga, unlike any other physical exercise, is something you can do for life. It just keeps on giving long after you leave the mat. Stress becomes manageable; energy and overall well-being becomes stable; awareness of what this body you reside in can do to help it will emerge.

It takes a little more time and effort, but it works. If I was a doctor, I would prescribe at least 2-3 hours a of yoga a week to everyone. But, I'm not. I do teach yoga, practice it and know that it works. A lot of people know it works. We just need to spread the word further. It really would be a much more peaceful planet if everyone practiced yoga.

It is time to get back to moderation. Drink plenty of water. Get rest. Get some sunshine. Get off the train that is rushing to nowhere...and get on the mat. Your body and mind will thank you. Do enough yoga and the day will come when you wonder how you lived without it.
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