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The Elixir of Life

Energy. The intangible, deeply sought after elixir of life. Some think it exists for those lower on the age timeline. Not true. Most of the greatest pursuits and achievements were etched in history by people deemed old in years. Passions and gifts clawing to get out of their container found the spark, the energy, to be manifested. Energy gets brighter like the moon as it approaches its fullest state. Then, the next day, only a sliver remains. Enough to remind you its still there. Recharging. Most lose sight of the less visible.

You can feel it, but can't touch it. Invincible strength one day. Methodical the next. Physical energy is intimately intertwined with emotional and mental energy. A constant quest to determine the strongest link. Like the classic game of rock, paper, find there is no definitive answer. Circumstances of the moment, what you ate, time of day, yesterday's news, the weather...everything keeps changing. The myriad of known and unknown eleme…