The Elixir of Life

Energy. The intangible, deeply sought after elixir of life. Some think it exists for those lower on the age timeline. Not true. Most of the greatest pursuits and achievements were etched in history by people deemed old in years. Passions and gifts clawing to get out of their container found the spark, the energy, to be manifested. Energy gets brighter like the moon as it approaches its fullest state. Then, the next day, only a sliver remains. Enough to remind you its still there. Recharging. Most lose sight of the less visible.

You can feel it, but can't touch it. Invincible strength one day. Methodical the next. Physical energy is intimately intertwined with emotional and mental energy. A constant quest to determine the strongest link. Like the classic game of rock, paper, find there is no definitive answer. Circumstances of the moment, what you ate, time of day, yesterday's news, the weather...everything keeps changing. The myriad of known and unknown elements change energy. How you respond to the changes requires you to honor your inner source of energy. Only you have the key. There is no magic potion available online, at the drugstore, or anywhere else. They are beautiful the craft of magic; but, not the real thing.

Potions of energy are sold as the answer for many. The five hour energy drink...'natural' ingredients to keep you going for five hours. Then what? Drink more or crash? The perfect blend of vitamins in one pill. Get an rx for ADHD and you can get a little more mental clarity. No rx available? Don't worry...there's plenty for sale. College students swear by it.

Disregard the fact that the food you eat might have what you need. But, it takes a little more work to eat right. We want more results with less effort. Exercise routines condensed to twenty minutes to deliver the fitness and body you see in manipulated photos. The perfect blend of cardio, core work, and stretching. Seeking the perfect body. What does the perfect body achieve and what will you do once you supposedly get it? Will it change what is going on in your mind and heart? Will you finally have the energy you crave?

We spend so much time seeking sources of energy, we become oblivious to our authentic energy. Energy of embracing the moment you are in now. Doing what makes you happy. Learning something new. Sharing positive energy with others. Seeking and living your passion. Love. Passion delivers high octane energy. It demands more of, you've got to have a strong core of willpower. The energetic exchanges between couples, groups, nations, generations of yesteryears keeps the human race evolving. It is not technological supremacy that makes us greater, despite what the media or our leaders say. It is the individuals, always has been, that used their energy to do what they were passionate about. The rest of us simply were the beneficiaries of another's passion. Timeless art, music, poetry, stories where you can't turn the page quick enough...all creative greats possessed a passionate energy of loving what they did.

They used their own magic potion. The stronger the force of energy, the thinner the gap between reality and desire becomes. When parallel realities touch, unexpected energies emerge and the course of history is altered. The unreal becomes real. Energetic forces come to the forefront of collective conscious. There is no turning back.

History repeats itself. We reach back to the past way some things were done. We collectively fear the unknown. We vicariously live another's life that appears better or worse...depending on the view of our own. The reality shows give a glimpse of the assumed life of another. But, it steals time from building your own. It demands time, effort, and passion to live life to its fullest potential.

All your energetic forces are required to unite. You must think, feel, love, give. If you live in a mentally composed glass house, shatter the glass and get out. Step forward and look within a bit deeper. Disperse the words of failure, fear, inadequate, incompetent and whatever else applies. Life really is a dream. Wake up and live it. The elixir you seek is waiting for your mind to strike the match to ignite the spark in your heart. If you love it, get ready to dance in an expanding ring of fire.
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