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Spine, Space and Yoga

The spine is an incredible piece of your anatomy. You may not even think about it until it starts "talking" to you as you age or if you have suffered an injury. It is composed of 33 vertebrae, 24 which are separate and 9 that are fused together. The 24 vertebrae that start at the base of skull are given space with discs. These discs act like cushions to keep the vertebrae from pressing on the nerves that extend from them. The nervous system flows within your spinal column so that your body can get the messages it needs to function.

This backbone of yours not only enables you to stand up straight, walk, and practice yoga. It makes it possible for the messages necessary to be sent to the organs and glands to do their job to keep you in homeostasis. Gravity and aging can cause the precious space between each disc to become shorter and compress a nerve. As a result, back pain and a slew of medical problems can manifest depending on the disc and nerve that is affected. Prevention…