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The Power of Yin - Yoga Journal Blog post

Go Back to the Faucet - Nashville health and happiness

Go Back to the Faucet - Yoga Journal Blog post

Go Back to the Faucet

If you care about your health, your child's future, or the mere fact that the oil industry and major corporations are brain washing us that what they say is truth, take the time to watch this documentary. Let's stop feeding the lions...there are more of "us" than "them". Be the change!

The Practice of Yoga - Nashville health and happiness |

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Move and Lose It...

Your body has an uncountable arrangement of moving parts working together in unison so you can live. The heart pumps the blood to get oxygen to the cells. The brain is a conglomerate of electrical impulses that ignite functions of all your parts. The glands generate the release of hormones or chemicals to get other parts working. And, the leg bone is connected to the hip bone so you can walk!

Everything has something to help move around what it's primary purpose serves. Everything, except the lymphatic system...which serves a pretty important function in the body.

Simply put, your lymphatic system is the integral element in removing toxins from your body. Believe it or not, the only way the lymph fluid gets moved around to do its job is by YOU moving around!

By practicing yoga, you perform certain moves that help move the lymph around the body faster, which in turn eliminates waste faster. Your body becomes internally stronger and cleaner quicker. Sedentary lifestyles …

Ebb and Flow

Is it me or does it seem to be a time of ebb in the waters of life? Sometimes I wonder if it is the affect of the weather changes...less sunshine, more gray green leaves to block the rays. Then, I get a UV light to get my light and enjoy it, but the ebb is still there. Then, I wonder is the routine of life and all that goes with the various responsibilities we (I) assume. Is it the aging process? Is it something in the food? Am I watching too many documentaries? Let's not even mention the news...that's not worth the energy.

I could ask question after question and get a lot of legitimate answers to ponder. However, I know my life history, so what comes to me instinctively is that I can't always be riding the wave. I feel most passionate about my dreams when the flow is strong. But, sometimes the waves settle down for awhile. It is that time between waves that teaches me to just be. Use it to learn, read, rest, ponder and dream. I have to remember that if I don'…

Be a Bridge on the Wall

Bridge pose is great for working the quadriceps, abdomen, and lower back. It can be sometimes difficult for those with knee issues. A great alternative to try is doing your "bridge" on the wall. It puts less stress on those ligaments around and within the knee.
To do this: Position yourself around a foot away from the wall on your back with the feet pressed against the wall. Your shins should be parallel to the floor, so adjust accordingly. With feet pressed against wall, lift pelvis up like you would in bridge and adjust so that the shins remain parallel to ceiling. Keep your head on the ground, but tuck that chin to the throat to work that thyroid gland. You can use your hands to press against the lower back to deepen or stabilize your position. Stay in it for 5 to 10 good breaths and come down. Repeat as desired. When done, counter the pose by bringing knees to chest and rock side to side. Great inversion with less stress on the knees...but still working that …

2011 Intentions - Yoga Journal Blog post