Ebb and Flow

Is it me or does it seem to be a time of ebb in the waters of life? Sometimes I wonder if it is the affect of the weather changes...less sunshine, more gray skies...no green leaves to block the rays. Then, I get a UV light to get my light and enjoy it, but the ebb is still there. Then, I wonder is the routine of life and all that goes with the various responsibilities we (I) assume. Is it the aging process? Is it something in the food? Am I watching too many documentaries? Let's not even mention the news...that's not worth the energy.

I could ask question after question and get a lot of legitimate answers to ponder. However, I know my life history, so what comes to me instinctively is that I can't always be riding the wave. I feel most passionate about my dreams when the flow is strong. But, sometimes the waves settle down for awhile. It is that time between waves that teaches me to just be. Use it to learn, read, rest, ponder and dream. I have to remember that if I don't do that, the ride on the next wave may be a short one. I need to use this time as it is now to build the foundations of my intentions. We all need to have a strong foundation to support us. Sometimes I am guilty of just focusing on getting to the destination.

Are you in an ebb or a flow? Or, are you riding an awesome wave? Regardless of the answer, remember (myself included!) that each time serves a purpose. I am thinking "out loud" as I write this and know that this too serves a purpose. I prefer being on the wave; but I guess I have to rest and restore between rides to make it better than the last. Plus, I get that gentle reminder to enjoy the journey as it is now and learn to flow with waters instead of trying to swim upstream. It is just easier and makes for a better ride.
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