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The Castle of Mankind

History can be a powerful teacher when the student is ready to learn. It is important to realize that history is much more than what is in the books. Some of the greatest segments of history can only be revealed by simply listening to another person's story. Each story is unique. There are nuances, fine details and choices that determine how their brick will lay in this ever expanding castle of history that we all build....together.

Parallel your yoga practice to learning history. When you initially start, you're just getting a grip on how to breathe and achieve the "beginner" poses. (I use quotes on this word because no pose leaves nothing new left to discover.) As you start to get the foundation of your practice set, you start to learn some things about your body, mind and spirit. It does not take long to realize that as you practice yoga, you unveil fine layers of subtle aspects of yourself you did not notice before. More importantly, you will start to notice the…

Embrace Your Senses

There cannot be a new emergence of change until a new perspective is born. It starts with one toss of a pebble in the waters of life we drift together in...the ripples are subtle, but can go far. To understand why history repeats itself, you have to know the details and truth. To understand the "evil" that we have eternally fought, you have to realize there is a story behind the "demon". He or she did not instantly become or desire to do what they did. Declaring war on anything is staying at the same level as the problem and we know that does not work. Life is not about war. It is to be consciously lived by each individual blessed to be given it.

With that said, here are my thoughts on how I live my life. It has worked pretty well so yoga, I need to continue my pursuit of new horizons. There are ups and downs; but, staying balanced somewhere in the middle gives time for reflection and intention.

Face, embrace and terminate fear. Nothing is permanent.…

Edges, Plateaus, and Yoga

"There's a crack in everything...that's how the Light gets in..." ~Leonard Cohen

Take the time to listen to this song, Anthem, by Leonard Cohen. Really listen to the words. This song was released twenty years ago. One would think it was written today. Leonard's rich voice resonates with the truth of how mankind is and has always been. There has been cracks in everything we've built...and I'm not talking about architecture. Empires have risen and fallen. The quest for staking claim on land continues and now involves the ocean. Next, real estate on the moon will be for sale. I wish I could say that was a joke...but, it could happen one day based on mankind's history of quests for more.

Will we change? Time will tell. If there weren't any "bad" guys, would there be opportunities for goodness to emerge? If we didn't have the greedy, would we truly understand giving? If we didn't have the corrupt, would we cherish honesty as much? If …

Awakening, Visions and Yoga

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakens." ~Carl Jung

Today gave me a wake up call. Being a practitioner and teacher of yoga, you would think I would completely know what it feels like to be present. But, also being cured of severe epilepsy via brain surgery, this experience made my mind tumble in its rapid search for explanation. All that came to mind was fear. I was more "present" than I had been in a long time.

As I got ready for my yoga class, a blend of colors appearing in the helix form of DNA emerged in the peripheral vision of the left eye. I closed my eyes and it was still there in the dark. I felt fine...but, started to think of what ifs and then it slightly faded. Listening to music in an effort to forget about it as I drove to my yoga came back. The colors formed the same angle only visible in the peripheral side...yet nothing else physical could be seen be…